Some companies have some extravagant stories about how they were founded. A chemist discovered a compound that would form one of the world’s largest drug companies. A computer scientist developed code from scratch that ended up becoming the most advanced software on the market. Some old sweaty man in a swamp served his football team sugar instead of water and started Gatorade.

This isn’t one of those crazy stories. Our founding team is made up of three lifelong friends who love to watch, talk, and bet on sports, and we’ve made it our mission to share our expertise with you. We aim to provide you with a truly collective and informed perspective that can only come from long-time players, experienced sports statisticians, and hyper-passionate fans. So with this goal in mind, we formed Straight Up Sports.

So what does Straight Up Sports do, exactly? We deliver you the best and most reliable information on sports betting with comprehensive data, sincere humor, and pure simplicity. We form our opinions based on hours of game research, advanced analytics, and our own experiences and biases to serve you with the best sports betting input out there.

How do you know Straight Up Sports’s picks and information are reliable? For starts, we put the money we win from our bets back into our business. We want to be your favorite source for all sports bets info, and our team will only grow if we give you the best takes in the industry. Simply put, we only win if you win, and we want you to win big!

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. We may be new but we’re also informed, passionate, and hungry to provide you with all of our takes, as well as to hear and discuss your own stories and thoughts! So come get comfortable and stay for a while, because we’re here to give you a lifetime of winning with plenty of laughs along the way.

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