The ‘96 Chicago Bulls Would Be Demolished By These Golden State Warriors

The ‘96 Chicago Bulls Would Be Demolished By These Golden State Warriors

And it wouldn’t even be close.

Put these two teams against each other in any era and it would be a 20 point blowout. Hell, even put the game in Chicago, the Bulls will need all the help they can get. The pace that the GSW play at is 102.4ppg so far this season, a full 11.6 points higher than that Bulls team. Good luck trying to keep up when you are hungover every game, Jordan.

I know I know, all the old school basketball fans are going to bring up how you can no longer hand check on defense. But just the style of game this team plays, that point is pretty much invalid. The Warriors are a team that is going to live and die by the three ball and they have perfected setting off ball screens to help and get their teammates open. Plus once Boogie Cousins returns, no handling checking on the planet is stopping him. If I had to pick one person in NBA history I would never fuck around with, it would be Demarcus. Sure you could make the argument for Dennis Rodman, but he is just crazy; I am truly afraid of Cousins.

The biggest thing the Warriors have going for them is all the players they can throw at Michael Jordan on defense. Draymond Green is a Defensive player of the year candidate every year and has the talent and ability to guard 1-5. Klay Thompson is the one who almost every night is given the assignment of the opposing team's best player. Kevin Durant since joining the Warriors has proven that he can also be considered for DPOY, averaging 1.1 blocks per game. Then should these players be beat on the drive you have 7 ft 270 lb shit brick house Demarcus Cousins patrolling the paint. Then when it is time to give your starters a break, you have Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala coming off the bench. The GSW have a Defensive rating of 108.1, where as the Bulls had a rating of 102.4.

The GSW have now scored at least 116 points in 8 straight games. A scary thought when they are known to be on autopilot for a majority of the regular season. So far this season, once again without the best Center in the league, the Warriors have an offensive efficiency rating of 121.5, a full 7 points higher than the 69-13 Bulls team. The way that the Warriors have perfected their offense puts them at a huge advantage. You would have to take into account that the 3 ball was not used the way it is today. The Bulls ranked 1st in defense against the 3 percentage wise at .335% and also ranked 6th in shooting the 3 at .373%. The Warriors currently lead the league in percentage through 11 games at .425% and rank 4th against the 3 at .324%. Just too much for the Bulls to be able to keep up with.

The talk about Michael Jordan has alway been how much of a pure scorer and a pure killer he is on the court. Well aside from Kobe Bryant, I believe the next best person who has that trait is Stephen Curry. There is absolutely no shot on the court the 2-time MVP is afraid to take. He has proven that there is no moment too big for him and he is willing to step up and take that final shot. Stephen Curry is an absolute game changer and has the ability to just suck the life out of any away crowd in the league. When this man starts hitting 3’s the way we have seen only he can, there is absolutely nothing on God’s green earth that can stop him. Steph is currently averaging 31.3 pts/g and shooting 50.8% from three. Oh and don’t forget about his 51 point performance, IN ONLY THREE QUARTERS OF PLAY.

The numbers are right in front of everyone’s face and very few people are willing to admit it. I don’t know if it’s a nostalgia thing, or just the thought that older is better. But with my eye test and the numbers, everything points in the direction that this edition of the Golden State Warriors is better than the 96-97 Bulls and probably going to end up being remembered as the greatest team of all time.

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