Let the Lifts Begin

UCONN man trains all pro wide receiver Antonio Brown

Welcome to the inaugural weekly workouts, where I plan to give you a window into the wild world of YouTube training videos. Some weeks will feature useful advice; others might be odd and funny clips on the web. What I can guarantee is that each week will have a video of someone, at a gym somewhere, working out-- along with my indispensable and charming commentary. So without further ado:

If you aren’t familiar with Athlean-X, the fitness channel of Jeff Cavaliere, I highly highly recommend you browse through his channel. He regularly puts out some of the smartest and most useful fitness videos on the internet. And having trained some of the best athletes in the world (such as today’s guest of honor, Antonio Brown), he’s extraordinarily overqualified to train your dumb and weak ass. He also went to UCONN, which means he’s something like a hometown hero for our blog. Coolest of all, Sylvester Stallone is a fan of Jeff.

Anyway, if you still need a reason to like him, look no further than a picture on the website of Mr Cavaliere, where he grips the hand of Bill Clinton as if to say: try pulling a fast one around me, Bill. Just try.

Now as for the video, I must say that Antonio Brown is in freaky good shape. He also sweats a lot. I can’t remember the last time I was sweating that much, (except I can, I just won’t explain any further). I have to admit, when AB is doing dumbbell presses in the beginning of the video, I had the sneaky suspicion he wasn’t pushing much weight (alas, I suffer from that inability to watch a man lift and not squint to read the numbers on the dumbbell). But it’s all an illusion. According to Jeff’s description of the video, AB is working up to hundred pound dumbbell presses. Wowsa.

This is not exactly a classic “here’s my routine” kind of video. Jeff starts out explaining some of the initial exercises, but then it quickly moves into a Rocky style montage. I’ve transcribed all of the exercises that appear in the video for you below. I doubt what we saw in the video was AB’s whole workout, but even a ten minute glimpse into a future Hall of Famer’s training is incredible. It’s must watch fitness motivation and there’s some cool moves in there that anyone can imitate (given the right equipment, of course).

Happy lifts.

Here’s what we see in the video:

Jeff explains it’s a circuit of a heavy exercise, controlled exercise, and an explosive exercise.

Heavy dumbbell incline press

Controlled push up (lead with chest, up and down movement)

Explosive overhead press and pull down (timed 40 seconds)

Burpee ball pass (throw, burpee, catch)

Single arm dumbbell incline press

Push up into hands to toes

Sled push

Bulgarian split squat (straight down, sprinter down)

Hex bar deadlift to carry (slow, heal to toe)

Bulgarian split squat (bodyweight, jump, clap between legs)

Hex bar deadlift to carry (slow, heal to toe)

Forward lunge with kettlebell in one hand

Stability ball leg curl (flex glutes)

Weighted chin up

Standing cable row

Cable row with side squat (see 10:05)

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