NBA Hit or Miss December 10th, 2018

Season Total: 7-2

Who would have thought betting on basketball would be so easy. I have been on fire the past 3 days and it can only get better from here. With a slew of games to pick from and a loaded Monday night schedule, there are some lines that seem way too good to be true. These are my picks for the December 10, 2018 games.

Cavs (+13) @ Bucks

Yeah yeah I know the Cavs suck and are a total disgrace of a franchise. But a line as high as 13 is just way too many points. Just about every night you are going to get a game that is a complete blowout but I think the Cavs are going to keep this one close. The Bucks had the misfortune of playing last night so they are on the tail end of their back to back in Toronto. The Cavs have had 2 days rest and are looking to get on the right path. Although the Cavs rank last in all major offensive categories, I have faith, which you need in this lonely gambling world. I like the Cavs tonight and you should too. Disclaimer: They are going to lose, just by less than 13.


Magic @ Mavs (-4.5)

I am absolutely in love with Luca Doncic. I was someone who thought that he should have been the #1 overall pick in the 2018 draft, but he somehow fell down to #3. It also seems that every time I bet against the Mavs they tell me to go fuck myself. They are still the best rebounding team in the league. They have the rookie of the year (yes I'm calling the race now) and have a bunch of solid veterans too, like Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews and DeAndre Jordan. The Magic really just do nothing for me: I don't love their roster and their stars are too one dimensional. Plus the Mavs are home which makes me think they are going to give the fans a show. Take the Mavs.


Heat @ Lakers (-5)

I am going bet on my beloved Miami Heat tonight, which is why I am going to advise you to take the Lakers. Because everytime I bet on them, they let me down in spectacular fashion. Although the Heat are a top 10 defensive team, since they have no offensive threat, the Lakers are going to run up and down the floor on them. Lebron always plays well against the Heat since he left the team in 2014 and it will be no different playing in front of the hometown fans. Lebron is proving yet again that he is the best player in the NBA and unless he plays the Warriors there is never a reason to put money against him.


Betting mastermind. Didn't have the height or talent for sports but I can talk and pick them like a champ.

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