Patriots Week 14 Recap: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?

This is exactly what it takes to beat the New England Patriots in December.

Well plain and simple, that was one of the biggest loads of horseshit I have seen in quite some time. 5 seconds left in the game, Patriots are winning 33-28 and the Miami Dolphins have the ball at their own 39 yard line. This was supposed to be the last play of the game. It’s supposed to be all but over. Everyone knows Ryan Tannehill does not have the arm strength to heave the ball all the way to the end zone, so of course the Dolphins would try to the lateral it. And they did. Three laterals later, Devante Parker gives it to Kenyon Drake who runs about 50 yards for the touchdown as time expires. Of course. So maybe someone can tell me why Rob Gronkowski was in to play safety?

Let’s say Tannehill is going to take a shot for the end zone, you still shouldn’t have Gronk back there. The man has been through countless surgeries and is very visibly not moving like he used to. He is noticeably slower than he was even a season ago and has never really gotten off the ground. I understand the man is every bit of 6’ 6’,’ but it just isn’t smart. If you ask me they should have put Cordarrelle Patterson back there. Patterson is faster, jumps higher, and is all around a more athletic person that Gronk. He also plays on special teams making him more inclined to be able to make a tackle.

This was a back and forth game for 60 minutes that never let up. Every time one team scored the other would march down the field and put up points of their own. It was very good game by the entire Patriots offense. You can never be upset when the team is able to put up 33 points. Tom Brady had a great game, posting 359 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and no interception. The Dolphins were getting pressure in the backfield all game long causing Tom to really earn his paycheck today. Sony Michel was held in check all game, only picking up 56 rushing yards on 20 carries. The Miami front seven was having a great game, while the secondary looked lost at times. Aside from his horrific last play defensive performance, Rob Gronkowski had a great game with 8 catches for 107 yards and 1 touchdown.  

The Special teams was doing everything they could in this game. Two blocked punts that put the Patriots in great field position both leading to touchdowns. Albert McClellan had both blocked punts and would have received the game ball had they held on and won the game. Special teams was the reason the Patriots were even in this game.


Now we have to talk about the Patriot’s defense, which apparently has no idea how to tackle. The defense that allowed 189 total rushing yards on just 21 carries. It was an absolutely embarrassing showing by this team and Belichick is going to be furious at practice this week. They let Ryan Tannehill light them up, 265 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and no picks. I don’t know what was happening today. It was like a bunch of elementary school boys being afraid of girls because they think they have cooties. They looked like they didn’t want to touch anybody wearing a Dolphins uniform. The only good thing you can take away from this game on defense was they were getting pressure on Tannehill, 4 sacks. This was the first sign all season of a pass rush.

In conclusion, 2 out of the 3 aspects of the game were played by the Pats today. Meanwhile, defense needs to be berated all week until they play better. Last play heroics seems to be the kind of bullshit needed to beat the Patriots this late in the season. This should have been another W, but it wasn’t in the stars this week. Next week is against the Steelers in Pittsburgh and the defense is going to have to play better if they want any chance of winning.

Notable Performances:

Josh Gordon: 5 catches 96 yards

Julian Edelman: 9 catches, 87 yards, and a touchdown

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