Meet the New Mets!

Before a single pitch, Brodie Van Wagenen’s Mets look revamped and exciting.

Is it premature to write an article about the new-and-improved Mets in December? Hell no, on the contrary, we’re still in the very beginning days of the Winter Meetings and superstar no-nonsense GM BVW has done something that I’m not accustomed to with the Mets: he’s trying--and trying hard.

For starts, the former agent is walking around Vegas like he owns the damn place. Rival executives are cowering in their boots or offering praise for the new GM. One anonymous rival Assistant GM said of Van Wagenen, “I’ve never seen anyone change perception and increase his profile so much and so fast as Brodie has done during the past few weeks.” YES Brodie, that’s the way to do it! I initially doubted BVW when he started and for that I need to apologize because of what a champ this guy has proven to be. New in town and immediately commanding the room, that’s some BDE (BVW will now henceforth be referred to as BDE).

Aside from his boss persona, BDE has been insanely aggressive this offseason as he tries to reshape his bum of a roster into something special. His first big move was trading away two mediocre major leaguers and three minor leaguers for Robinson Cano, an aging-yet-elite second baseman, and Edwin Diaz, the best closer in baseball. WHAT A STEAL! Not surprised though, BDE has every other GM in baseball wrapped around his finger.

Photo Credit: MLB

Photo Credit: MLB

Now he’s trying to finesse the Marlins by snatching away star catcher J.T. Realmuto. Talk about ambitious. Whether or not he ends up stealing Realmuto from Miami, there are two things for certain: BDE has been extremely impressive and aggressive in rebuilding his roster, and the Marlins are undoubtedly the worst franchise in baseball. I mean, c’mon, what a joke to have Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, and J.T. Realmuto all on one roster and trade them all away for a bag of peanuts.

What else has Van Wagenen done to make the Mets better already? Just take a peek into the staff and the front office. New experienced coaches, promotions for the most deserving internal candidates, and even poaching two of the Red Sox’s best minds. YES! Poach, Brodie, poach! Jared Banner and Allard Baird couldn’t resist the Van Wagenen charm and the Mets are much better as an organization because of it. Oh, and did I mention that Brodie brought former captain and beloved third baseman David Wright to the Winter Meetings to be a special consultant? Who knows the Mets players better from a qualitative perspective than the guy who once led the team as a captain? Genius. Everyone follow along now: B.D.E…B.D.E…

Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun | AP

Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun | AP

The season has not even begun and the Mets roster remains to be finalized, but these are no longer the Mets of old. Since Van Wagenen’s hire as GM, there has been an immediate culture shift and a new, aggressive, dominant mindset. New York fans should be excited, because even though there is still work to be done with this roster, the Mets are finally going into the new season looking to feast on the rest of the league.

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