NFL Week 15 Hit or Miss


For the second straight week I have had a losing record. But you know what, I can live with back to back 2-3 weeks; it’s not the end of the world. Back to back weeks of 1-4 is down right soul crushing. A damn monkey throwing feces at a dart board could have better luck than me. But am I going to just sit around and mope or will I get right back in the action? The answer is both. I am going to do both. Please everyone say a prayer for me as I continue to gamble my money away on my top 5 hit or miss picks of week 15.

Texans (-7) @ Jets

As far as I am concerned there is no way the Jets should be within a Texas mile of the Texans in this game. Coming off a loss to the division rival Colts, the Texans should walk right into Metlife and stomp a mudhole in their ass and walk it dry (as the great Texan Stone Cold Steve Austin would say). Being 9-1 in their last 10 games proves that the Texans are a force in the NFL this season and the Jets should be tanking for the best draft pick they can get. I’m taking the Texans.

Final Score: Texans 31 Jets 20


Dolphins @ Vikings (-7 ½)

The Miami Dolphins traveling into cold and damp Minnesota is the best most ideal situation for the unexpected wild card contender. A lot of teams who come off a high emotion win like the Dolphins can’t keep up the same kind of energy into the next week. This is also the kind of game Kirk Cousins got paid all that money to win. Games that the Vikings should win against opponents that have no chance. Sure games against the Bears and Rams, those are big games. But this matchup with the Dolphins is not a big game so there is virtually no pressure on Kirk. This is when he plays his best and tends to blowout his opponents and makes viewers continue to be confused about whether he is good or not. I’m taking the Vikings this week (This pick has no bias towards what happened in the Dolphins game last week).

Final Score: Vikings 27 Dolphins 17

Cowboys (+3) @ Colts

The Cowboys have been on a hot streak as of late, with their running game and defense playing very good football. The fact that they’re the underdog in this game is very confusing to me. My only guess being Vegas believes this is going to be a shootout and in any situation, on any planet, you want Andrew Luck over Dak Prescott in a shootout. I am included in that camp. However I think the Dallas defense is going to be able to take control of this game, while Zeke Elliot and the running offense will be able to set the tempo. Even on the road in this very important matchup, I am going to be taking the Cowboys. I think they are going to win this game outright.

Final Score: Cowboys 24 Colts 23

Photo Credit: Getty Images | Tom Pennington

Photo Credit: Getty Images | Tom Pennington

Eagles (+13) @ Rams

There is absolutely no game where I am willing to give up 13 points against the defending super bowl champions. Although the Eagles are coming off a hard loss against the Cowboys, they have proven they can keep games close. The Rams are coming off a game where they scored just 6 points. SIX!!! And Vegas thinks that are going to win by double the amount of points they are scored last week? Get out of here, give this money, it is way too easy. Rams still win, but not by 13.

Final Score: Rams 30 Eagles 24

Saints (-6 ½) @ Panthers

After a slow start in the first half last week against the Bucs, the Saints offense finally started to get rolling. I don’t think it’s going to take them long to put up points this week. The Panthers are coming off a tough loss against the Cleveland Browns, the only game I got right last week. The Panthers have not looked there best in the second half of the season and Cam Newton has been shaky at best for a good part of that stretch. I think the Saints know they need to get hot going into the playoffs and will start this week. Saints are going to win this one and win it BIG.

Final Score: Saints 38 Panthers 20

Photo Credit: AP Photo | Bill Feig

Photo Credit: AP Photo | Bill Feig

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