Final Ride in Beantown: Closing Chapter for Our Closer

We’ll never forget you, superstar.

As I am sure many of you know, the Boston Red Sox are your 2018 World Series champions. It truly is a glorious time to be a Red Sox fan. The team is stacked with young talent, who only seem like they can be getting better. That’s paired with nice veteran pieces that give the locker room good leadership and just a great winning culture. Now the biggest question that the Red Sox are going into the offseason with is: what to do about Craig Kimbrel?

Statistically, he is one of the best closers we have seen in the game to date and was a huge part of the Red Sox setting their new franchise regular season win record. However the man wants a 6 year contract. Nah son, that is not something the Red Sox should be taking on. Craig Kimbrel is 30 years old and having him as your closer til he is 36 is not something I want to see. They are going to have to give him a lot of money and they have more pressing issues. I would rather they use the money he is asking for to sure up the bullpen. Sure, the bullpen looked great in the postseason, but that came with a lot of starters coming in to pitch and Eovaldi pitching in all but one game every series. This is simply not going to be sustainable throughout an entire season. Not to mention that throughout the entire playoff run, every time fans saw Kimbrel jogging out of the bullpen, we had to hold out breathes not knowing what was going to happen.

In 8.2 innings pitched in the 2018 playoffs, Kimbrel allowed 7 earned runs and walked 8 batters. For a top-tier closer in this league, that is not going to cut it and you need to show up when the big moments call for it. Now although it has not come out how much he would like to be paid, I am going to assume he wants to be paid like the best closer in the game today and of all time. Because that is just how every new contract is these days. It seems like every person is the highest paid player ever at their positions. But that is a rant for another time and place. I do not think that Craig Kimbrel needs to be in Boston for 6 years to come, let him go somewhere else and shine, he has done what he can for this team and we as fans should salute him. But giving a 30 year old pitcher a 6 year deal, just doesn’t do it for me, chief.

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