Flash Recap: NFL Week 12

Flash Recap: NFL Week 12

Every single game from Week 12 of the NFL Season in one sentence or less.

Bears 23 Lions 16:  

Matthew Stafford doesn’t like throwing the ball to his own team, as he throws 2 INTs in the fourth quarter.

Redskins 23 Cowboys 31:

Amari Cooper makes this offense a real threat going forward and actually allows the play action to work.

Falcons 17 Saints 31:

Saints win 10 straight and will continue to win until they reach the promised land.



Browns 35 Bengals 20:

Baker Mayfield proves once and for all, Hue Jackson was the worst coach in the NFL history.

Giants 22 Eagles 25:

Giants are in full on tank mode and the Eagles are still nothing special.

Jaguars 21 Bills 24:

Josh Allen made Jalen Ramsey his bitch in his own personal revenge game.

Seahawks 30 Panthers 27:

Russell Wilson should be mentioned well before Aaron Rodgers as one of the top QBs in the league.

Raiders 17 Ravens 31:

“It’s hard to find a great pass rusher” is just code for, I’m tanking so I can draft Nick Bosa.

49ers 9 Bucs 27:

Did you know Blue Whales can hold their breath for 30 minutes while searching for food.  

Patriots 27 Jets 14:

It’s after Thanksgiving, which means it’s Week 1 of the Patriots season which of course started with a win.

Cardinals 10 Chargers 45:

Chargers are the most well balanced team in the entire NFL on both sides of the ball.

Steelers 17 Broncos 24:

Broncos defense is still carrying this team, years after Peyton.

Dolphins 24 Colts 27:

Andrew Luck is the second best QB in the league and he is still not fully healthy.

Packers 17 Vikings 24:

Aaron Rodgers is overrated and likes to blame everyone but himself when the team doesn’t win.

Titans 17 Texans 34:

Texans are going to win games in the trenches with some great line play on both sides of the football.

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