NFL Week 13 Hit or Miss

Top 5 picks for Week 13.

It is Week 13 of the NFL season and once again we have a lot of great matchups on this weekends slate. There are a lot of games that can go either way, but I am here to give you the picks you need to make some money this sunday. Last week my picks went 4-1 and I am very confident in my picks this week. Let's get down to the gritty titty.

Colts (-5 ½) @ Jaguars

Andrew Luck has just been tearing up defenses for the past 2 months throwing for 3+ touchdowns in his past 8 games, including one against the Jaguars. If you ask me, Andrew Luck is the second best quarterback in the game. Jacksonville has looked horrible ever since their “Super Bowl” week 2 against the Patriots and are currently on a 7 game losing streak. With Cody Kessler starting at quarterback this week, I don’t think the Jags are going to put up many points. The losing streak is going to be extended to 8 games this weekend and Luck is going to light up Ramsey and the rest of that defense.

Final Score: Colts 31 Jags 10

Panthers (-4) @ Bucs

Panthers only being a 4 point favorite seems downright silly to me. I know they haven’t been winning games lately, but they are playing the Bucs. Carolina has one the best front sevens in the league and one of the best dual threat running backs. McCaffrey can tear up this very midtier defense. The Bucs don’t have a single part of their team I would take over the Panthers. Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey should have field days against the Bucs and are going to cover with ease.

Final Score: Panthers 28 Bucs 10

Browns (+5 ½) @ Texans

Baker Mayfield has become the first rookie quarterback in NFL history to post back to back games in which he had a QBR of 140 or more. Since the departure of Hue Jackson, Baker has been on a mission to show how wrong Hue was to not start him. The Texans have been very impressive for the past two months; they’re on an outstanding 8 games win streak. The first team to have such a streak after starting the season 0-4. But I think that the Browns have a talented defense that is going to give Deshaun Watson a hard time and Baker has the mobility and pocket presence that will allow him to escape the daunting Houston Pass Rush.

Final Score: Browns 24 Texans 23  

Vikings @ Patriots (-5 ½)

Patriots seemed to get back on track last week against the Jets. The more practice the new look Pats offense has, the better and scarier they are going to get. The Vikings also looked very good last week against the Packers, but let's be honest, who hasn’t looked good against the Pack this year. This is definitely the pick I am least confident in but still believe in the Pats. It is not going to be pretty but I think the Pats are going to win this game by one touchdown.

Final Score: Patriots 31 Vikings 24

Redskins (+6) @ Eagles

I know what you are thinking, Carson Wentz vs Colt McCoy AND they are playing in Philly: the Eagles are going to run wild. I politely disagree and think that somehow, someway, the Redskins are going to stay in this game and cover the spread. The Redskins defense for the most part this season has been impressive and Carson Wentz has not looked all that comfortable without Matt Nagy. Carson is still trying to put the new playbook into the games and I think that is going to be the biggest factor in this game. This is not going to be a high scoring game and I think Colt is just competent enough to keep this game close.

Final Score: Redskins 13 Eagles 17

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