Boxing Recap: Wilder vs Fury

A brilliant fight and a controversial decision at the Staples Center.

*All scores are subjective as I will score each round as I viewed this fight*

Photo © Belfast Live

Photo © Belfast Live

Man, Wilder vs Fury was pure entertainment at its finest. Tyson Fury has quickly become my favorite Heavyweight boxer. He is a showman and he really deserved to win this fight. Throughout the entire match he was dancing around, putting his hands behind his back (which takes some big cahoonas against Deontay Wilder), sticking his tongue out, and acting like a goddamn lunatic. This was a man who had to take 3 years off because he was dealing with mental health issues and drug problems. And now he is back in the ring having the time of his life. He wasn’t going to let himself take this shit too seriously; he knows he has a second chance and he is going to have fun with it.

Taking nothing away from Deontay Wilder, who is is always on my television if he is in the ring. BUT Tyson should have won. You can see I had the match actually coming out as a draw but that was only because of the two knockdowns. Wilder knocked Fury down in the 9th and 12th round giving him what was essentially a 4 round swing. Without those knockdowns you could have easily given those rounds to Fury. Even if you didn't Wilder still would have lost.

The knockdown in the 12th looked like that was the end for Fury. Wilder caught him with a straight right haymaker that already had Fury going to the mat, and then he comes in again with a nasty looking left hook that had Fury go all the way down flat on his back. I thought Fury was out and Wilder earned his 40th knockout. BUT BY THE GRACE OF HIS LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, Tyson made it back to his feet before the 10 count and finished the fight. Damn. This was one of those fights that makes me thankful Boxing is not dead yet.

Now the issue comes with the decision. Again I had this fight ending in a draw on my scorecard and one of the official judges agreed. Another judge had Fury winning the fight 114-112 which I have no problem with. The third judge had it 115-111 in favor of Wilder. Now this is going to cause a lot of controversy because clearly this judge was sedated in some way from some drug. But I am not surprised because boxing is one of, if not the most corrupt sports in the world. These judges are being bribed by the promoters of the boxers, the networks, and everyone else under the boxing umbrella. If Golden Boy Promotions is coming to you with millions of dollars, putting you up in the nicest hotels, and making sure you and your family are living well, of course you are going to mess with the scores and give their fighters some rounds they didn’t deserve. But thats boxing and we still got a great show out of these two great fighters.

Like they said in the ring after the fight, these are the two best heavyweights in the world. Tyson Fury followed that up by calling current IBF, WBO, and WBA Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua a chicken, before he started clucking in the middle of the ring. GOD I FUCKING LOVE THIS MAN. Needless to say we are going to get a rematch and I can’t wait. I don’t know if it is going to top this but the winner is going to have to go on and fight Joshua and goddamn that is going to be a FIGHT.  

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