Bowling For Answers: The Meltdown Of Todd Bowles's Jets

Bowling For Answers: The Meltdown Of Todd Bowles's Jets

A real dumpster fire of a team. Just. End. The. Season.

It’s Week 9, Jets at Dolphins, the battle for the bottom between two truly atrocious organizations disguising themselves as professional football teams. Thousands of fans roar at the ugliest place in sports, Hard Rock Stadium. To silence the Miami fans and the haters, who have ranted that the team has been confused and uninspired following two straight losses, the Jets needed head coach Todd Bowles to figure it all out and rally the team to a much-needed win on the road.

In a must-win game, his offense scored 6 points and mustered up only 282 total yards against a defense that has been gassed for 72 points and nearly 1,000 yards over their last two games.

In a must-win game, he watched his injured starting center botch FIFTEEN snaps before finally pulling him out late in the game.

In a must-win game, his team followed trend of committing boneheaded pre-snap penalties that cost them valuable field position.

In a must-win game, he burned an all-important timeout mere minutes into the second half (sound familiar?)


And following a loss in a must-win game, he finally lost control of a locker room that last week proclaimed it was closer than it had ever been.

As reporters filed into the visiting team’s locker room, the quotes began to fly from all over the place: offense, defense, special teams, you name it.

It’s one thing when Robby Anderson is speaking out about the team. This is the same guy that notoriously threatened to…ahem, “shoot” his “shot” the eye of a police officer’s wife. It’s another thing when your second-year superstar Jamal Adams, who has been a vocal leader for this team since the second he played his first snap last year, publicly expresses his frustration. Adams shook his head as he told reporters in the post-game interview, “I’m sick of losing. It pisses me off every time. I’m not a loser…Come on, man.”

Even Jermaine Kearse, one of the Jets’ more experienced veterans, didn’t have a positive thought to share after the game. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, considering that he completely gave up at the end of this game. Kearse reduced his effort with each route and was eventually caught standing out of bounds on a crucial 4th-quarter play.

The team didn’t exactly have the performance-based support of rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, who threw for four interceptions and no touchdowns in what was undoubtedly his worst game as an NFL pro; but ugly games need to be expected from a first-year player trying to lead a professional team for the first time. When those bad games happen, a squad full of veterans led by an experienced head coach should be counted on to rally together and find a way to win at all costs. Instead, Todd Bowles’s team left nothing but a bad taste in the mouth of Jets fans with yet another unwatchable loss full of undisciplined penalties and uninspiring efforts.

The spirit of this team has completely disappeared. The fire that fueled the Jets to a dominating Week 1 victory over the Lions has completely burned out. The players have lost unity, which under Todd Bowles, was the case last year, and the year before that.

And the worst thing of all? Jets fans get to really hear it from those GD New Englanders, who seem to have no competition for the hundredth straight season. Real talk: How the hell does this happen every year? What are Bobby Mac & Cheese and RoGo doing to give Bill Beli a clear path to the Super Bowl every year? Can someone find out if RoGo is a big Kraft’s instant mix kind of guy?

Anyways, if the Jets want to win anytime in the near future, it’s time for them to do what needs to be done. 2019 will be a new year with new players and greater talent, and Gang Green cannot squander another year with Bowles. At the end of this year, the Jets need to stare at Todd Bowles for 20 minutes with his infamous “somewhat disappointed, somewhat confused” face, and finally give this man the axe.

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