I Am a Mike McCarthy Apologist

Mike McCarthy was wrongfully fired this Sunday from the head coaching job of the Green Bay Packers.

It has been an ongoing conversation for years now about how the Packers are wasting the time they have left with Aaron Rodgers by keeping Mike McCarthy at head coach. But I am here to tell you this is simply not the case. The real culprit is Aaron Rodgers himself. Aaron Rodgers is the biggest baby in the NFL and honestly I think he may also be responsible for half of the NBA twitter drama too. But Aaron goes out there after every loss and basically complains about everybody around him and how he is perfect... and a bunch of other bullshit. How many people actually watch Packers games that are not chanting “Go Pack GO”? Probably no one. All the casual football fan sees is Aaron’s stat line after the game, and thinks Rodgers is some god like savior because it says: 24/29, 249 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions. You see those stats and think there is no way he was the reason the team lost that game. HOWEVER, if you watch any of these games you will watch Aaron Rodgers play the most safe, unexciting, boring game you have ever seen. Aaron will only throw balls where he knows the receiver is open and he wont take any chances down the field even if his team is behind, unless it’s the last possession of the game and he needs to throw a ball to the end zone. The reason being he wants everyone to think he is this amazing quarterback and amazing player, which he is, but not to the extent that people make him out to be.

This man is not on the same playing field as Tom Brady, and if you ask me, he is not on the same level as Andrew Luck. You want to talk about somebody who has had absolutely no help around him for his entire career, Andrew Luck is that man. And he has never gone to a press conference after the game and thrown shade on his coach and teammates. Also, NO HELP?!?! Aaron, you have a very good young receiver in Davante Adams, a top 5 veteran tight end in Jimmy Graham, and a nice young running back in Aaron Jones, who has proven that if you put the ball in his hands he can make things happen. I refuse to believe anymore that there is no talent around Aaron Rodgers and that he can’t put up more than 17 points against an Arizona Cardinals defense that had been torched all season. This was purely an act (much like that injury in game 1 of the season) to find where the tipping point is to get McCarthy fired.


I am sorry I just went on a tangent about Aaron Rodgers and have said nothing about Mike McCarthy. Basically because Mike McCarthy is the most average coach in the league. I think he made  his offense completely around Rodgers, which always put the Pack at a huge disadvantage during the multiple times Rodgers was injured. Then again, not many coaches win in this league when your QB gets hurt. All I am saying here is: Mike McCarthy really shouldn't have been fired because unless the Packers go out and hire Bruce Arians, Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to respect anyone who walks through that door. I also believe Mike McCarthy will find another job and he will prove to be successful wherever he goes as long as he doesn’t have a diva who thinks his (or she or they, I don’t want to assume Aaron’s pronouns) shit don’t stink.

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