Flash Recap: NFL Week 13

What I learned from each game played in Week 13.

Cowboys 13 Saints 10:

Dallas proves they have an elite defense and are going to win the NFC East.

Ravens 26 Falcons 16:

Lamar Jackson proves he is the Raven’s QB of the future, while sorta kinda not really playing Quarterback.


Broncos 24 Bengals 10:

Broncos have had a dominant defense for years now and they have years ahead of them.

Rams 30 Lions 16:

Rams get back Aqib Talib which drastically improves their defense, making them my favorite to win the Super Bowl.

Cardinals 20 Packers 17:

Aaron Rodgers is a chicken, who cares about his stats looking perfect so he can say it's not his fault when they lose.


Browns 13 Texans 29:

Texans win their 9th straight game and establish themselves as the dark horse in the AFC.

Colts 0 Jaguars 6:

I once watched a homeless man talking to another homeless man who was dead asleep.

Bills 17 Dolphins 21:

Then that homeless man punched the sleeping man for absolutely no reason.

Bears 27 Giants 30:

The Giants are really bad at tanking.


Panthers 17 Bucs 24:

I am going to die on this hill--Cam Newton is not a good quarterback!

Chiefs 40 Raiders 33:

I saw a video earlier this week that portrays this game pretty accurately.

Jets 22 Titans 26:

Titans are in store for another mid pick in this upcoming draft, while not making the playoffs.

49ers 16 Seahawks 43:

Russell Wilson with a competent run game = Very good.

Vikings 10 Patriots 24:

Just the same old Patriots doing the same old Patriots things.


Chargers 33 Steelers 30:

Chargers are still the best overall team in the AFC and are my favorite to make the Super Bowl.

Redskins 13 Eagles 28:

The NFC East is just being handed to the Dallas Cowboys.

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