Flash Preview: NFL Divisional Round

The outlook for each of this week’s upcoming games in just one sentence.

Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5)

Indy has proven the haters wrong after starting 1-5, but no one can stop Pat Mahomes and his thirst for a Super Bowl (and ketchup).

Flash Prediction: Colts 20, Chiefs 31


Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Rams (-7.0)

Lulled by a first-round bye, the Rams may not be ready to slow down the hot-handed Boys.

Flash Prediction: Cowboys 17, Rams 14


Los Angeles Chargers @ New England Patriots (-4.0)

Not even Belichick and his voodoo magic can keep Phillip Rivers and his undying seed in check.

Flash Prediction: Chargers 23, Patriots 21


Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints (-8.0)

Even with “Big Dick Nick” running the show for Philly, The Big Easy is going to no fly zone for these Birds.

Flash Prediction: Eagles 10, Saints 24


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