Patriots Recap: Same Old Same Old

The New England Patriots defeat the Los Angeles Chargers 41-28.

The Patriots are moving on to their eighth straight AFC Championship game where they take on the #1 seed Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium.

Although it didn’t snow as expected, the temperature was still below freezing, making it very uncomfortable for the sunny west coast Chargers. The Chargers looked out matched from the opening whistle. The Patriots did anything and everything they wanted to today; and it all started with the offensive line. Left Tackle Trent Brown shut down Joey Bosa all game 1 on 1. If I had to give anyone the game ball, it will be Trent Brown. I was stunned by the way he played today; and honestly I don’t think I can say enough about his performance. The entire offensive line was able to keep the the amazing pass rush of the Chargers in check and make holes for running back Sony Michel.

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But let’s get to the sexier players to talk about. TOM FUCKING BRADY! All week the media was ranking the quarterbacks left in the playoffs and every list I saw disrespected the GOAT. Not one list had him in the top 4 quarterbacks. So he went out there in near 20 degree weather and proved why he is the greatest of all time. He threw for 343 yards and a touchdown while not making a single mistake. Tom was a surgeon out there, picking apart the zone defense and placing the pigskin perfectly.

Although I am always confused by the way Sony Michel runs, he puts up numbers. 129 rushing yards on 24 carries, 5.4 yards per carry, and three touchdowns. The rookie had himself a day and is the most underrated running back in the league. On a team like the Patriots, who always have 3 or more backs and rotate them out like a pitching staff, Michel has earned the trust of the coaching staff to carry the load in the backfield.


Bill Belichick coached a brilliant game and came up with a flawless strategy. Almost every play on defense the Patriots blitzed, sending an extra man, which rushed Philip Rivers and stymied the Chargers offense. Until the end when it was clear the Patriots were playing a more conservative defense, the defense made only one mistake the entire game. The 43 yard touchdown pass to Keenan Allen in the first quarter was the only blunder of the game. Stephon Gilmore and the McCourty twins played such a well rounded game, not letting the receiver get too much separation and making them earn every reception.

Really just a fantastic all around game by the players and the coaching staff. This is what happens when you give Belichick an extra week to prepare and players time to rest. But the mission is not over yet. Big mountain to climb next week in Arrowhead. Game planning against Patrick Mahomes will be difficult. Lets Go!


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