Boogie Cousins: There's a Storm Coming

He’s Baaaaaaaaack!

Demarcus Cousins missed about half of last season and half of this season with a torn achilles. On Friday January 18th, 2019 Cousins is returning to the NBA and lining up for the Golden State Warriors. I know a lot of NBA fans are not happy about Boogie signing with the defending champions, but I love it. You take the best team of all time and add the best Center in the league: man that’s great television. We all knew Golden State was going to win another title this year anyways, so why not do something crazy like this. Cousins only signed a 1-year deal so he will be leaving after this season to try and get PAID somewhere else. You will never ever see a team like this again. 5 all-stars and 3 top ten players all in the same starting 5. What I really can’t wait for is how this is going to affect the spreads. We are already seeing games where the Warriors are favored by 17 points, and sometimes more. When Cousins gets comfortable, we could see spreads as high as 28 points. You can bet your bottom dollar I am going to take that everytime. I’m so excited to see this lineup together; it’s NBA 2k come to life: Curry, Thompson, Green, Durant and now Cousins. Right now the Warriors are -270 to win the West and -150 to win it all. PUT THE DAMN MORTGAGE ON THEM WINNING IT ALL RIGHT NOW!

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