Saquon of Squat

There aren’t a lot of athletes that have recognizable body parts.

Wilt the Stilt was known for his legs. Zinedine Zidane has an infamous forehead. And I guess A-Rod wins for most iconic male boobies.

NYPost  Coming to a central park near you


Coming to a central park near you

The latest body-part phenomenon can be found on the six foot and two-hundred thirty pound frame of Saquon Barkley, the New York Giants starting running back. You’ve probably seen the pictures. Yes, I’m talking about his enormous, humongo, BIG thighs.

When Barkley was at the combine, we got our first whiffs of his (t)high-flying acrobatics. Scouts couldn’t help but salivate over that lower section. For a taste, check out his combine analysis, via

  • Compact frame carries muscular, powerful trunk

  • High tempo runner with urgent underpinnings as his core

  • Elite wiggle triggered by fluid hips

  • Knee bend and quick-twitch powers sudden stops paired with aggressive jump cuts and spin moves to leave tacklers hanging

  • Feet are in constant motion and he rarely gears down to change direction in open field

Fair to say that Saquon came into the league with a reputation in his pants. Teammate Odell Beckham Jr nicknamed him SaQuads. And after this season, where he rushed for 1,307 yards and eleven touchdowns, it’s fair to say those thighs have terrorized defenders. Ha ha, get it? The word thighs rhymes with terrorize (that’s a three syllable rhyme for those keeping score at home).

Now for our guy-on-guy appreciation moment of the week: Eli Manning said of his teammate, “His quads are the size of my waist and whole upper body… I don’t often stare at another man’s legs, but in that case you can’t quite help it.” Thank you for the quote Eli (I spot a casual flex about his slim waistline).

Now for something not entirely unrelated: according to Penn State’s leaderboards, Barkley holds their running back record in every major athletic category, including the squat. In that exercise, he heaved 650 pounds down-and-up on his back.

Courtesy of Dwight Galt III/Penn State

Courtesy of Dwight Galt III/Penn State

So I’ve decided to dedicate this weekly workout to the man, whose mythic legs have probably inspired many football fans to consider squatting more. Squats are great and I try to do mine twice a day, depending on what I ate the previous night. Checkout the video below, where Barkley (with a little help from his friends) completes seven reps at 495 pounds.

And I don’t know what our company policy is on softcore porn, so I’ll just link you to his ESPN Body Issue photoshoot where you can admire his legs (you will also see his butt).

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