NBA Hit or Miss January 8th, 2018

3-0 in my last NBA hit or miss, let’s keep this going and win you all some more money...

Season Total: 15-6

Pacers @ Cavs (+10)

The Cavs as 10 point underdogs at home is too many points for my blood. I know the Cavs have the worst record in the league, but the NBA is weird. Basketball and baseball are the two sports that anyone can win on any day. With that being said, Pacers have the better team and I would still pick them to win. If you give me a team to lose by at the most 10 points, I am going to take that 9 times out of 10. I think the Cavs are going to cover the spread tonight at home, don’t touch the moneyline.

Cavs kid.gif

Timberwolves (+8.5) @ Thunder

Much like any team can win on any day, Russell Westbrook can shoot 4-22 in any game. Tom Thibodeau has recently been fired as head coach of the Timberwolves and this seems like something the team is going to rally around. It is well documented that he was not the most liked coach (unless you are Derrick Rose) and I think this is a huge weight being lifted off of the player’s shoulders. Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns are going to play free and fun basketball. 8.5 points is  just too many for a team as talented as the Timberwolves. Take the Wolves.


Knicks @ Warriors (-17)

This is the one time out of ten I am going to take a spread this big. 17 points to the Golden State Warriors is like a 3 minute run. I would take the Warriors winning by 22 points tonight if I could. This is the time of year the Warriors start to try a little harder because they know the playoffs are creeping up faster than they think. The Knicks have done nothing this season to make me believe they can keep this from being an embarrassment. They might be down 17 after the first quarter. Anyways the Warriors have the best 4 players on the court. This game isn’t even fair. Take the Warriors.


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