Grade of the Day: 2019 Washington Wizards

The Wizards actually had quite an eventful offseason.

They basically rebuilt the entire backend of their roster, bringing in a total of seven new faces. However, none of the guys DC brought in will have a significant enough impact to help the Wizards sneak into the postseason. In fact, you could argue that they downgraded the roster.

The biggest name Washington brought in was Isaiah Thomas. IT is a few years removed from finishing top-5 in the MVP race, and he has struggled since suffering hip injury back in 2016. He will have an opportunity to reestablish himself in DC with John Wall sidelined, but if the Wiz are counting on him to help transform the team into a contender, they will be in for a rude awakening.

The Wizards did manage to wiggle their way into the Anthony Davis trade, albeit as a third team to take on salary to facilitate Davis to LA. They did net Isaac Bonga and Mo Wagner as part of the transaction, both of whom could benefit from a change of scenery, but realistically I don’t expect either to contribute much.

At least they brought back Thomas Bryant, who was a solid big man for them last year, especially after the All-Star break where his points per game rose by about 4 points. He will probably start for them at the five this year.

When you look at who they lost (Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard, Bobby Portis, Jeff Green, etc.) it's clear that they downgraded in terms of pure talent. It’s possible that the fresh faces will provide a boost to the locker room, but unfortunately for Wizards fans, the team very well could be worse than last year. 

The draft was solid for Washington, but it feels as if they played it safe. At number 9 overall, they selected Gonzaga forward Rui Hachimura, who can score the rock with the best of them but needs to improve on the defensive end. The Japan native shot 41% from three, which is an area the Wizards desperately need to improve in. Given the lack of talent on this roster, Hachimura should see a lot of minutes early on, and with a large role, I believe Hachimura will develop into a solid player.

At number 42, the Wizards choose Tennessee forward Admiral Schofield, who should also be able to contribute instantly. Schofield is a 3-and-D type player who will need to further improve his defense and rebounding if he is going to last at the NBA level. This was the safe pick for DC to make, but with Bol Bol on the board and the team still quite a ways away from competing, I think they could have taken a bigger risk for a potentially bigger reward.

Offseason Grade: C | Predicted Eastern Conference Ranking: 13

The Wizards had a very “meh” offseason. They lost a lot of key bench guys and replaced them with a bunch of guys who are slightly worse. The good news is that the young guys will get a chance to play right away, and Isaiah Thomas finally gets a fair shot at a comeback. The bad news is that this team is going to stink.

Unless they somehow get Bradley Beal to sign an extension, this year will be one to forget for DC fans.

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