NBA Fantasy Favorites - February 12, 2019

NBA Fantasy Favorites - February 12, 2019

Guess what? Another last second scratch screwed us over! But tonight, it’s no Kawhi, no problem.

Last Lineup’s Best Picks:

Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics (46 Fantasy Points vs 30.9 FPPG)

Daniel Theis, Boston Celtics (35 Fantasy Points vs 15.6 FPPG)

Rudy Gay, San Antonio Spurs (34.25 Fantasy Points vs 29.0 FPPG)

Tonight’s Starting Lineup:

PG – Brandon Ingram, Los Angeles Lakers (DK Salary $5,500, 29.0 FPPG)

Ingram has been the center of Lakers-Pelicans trade rumors for superstar Anthony Davis. You may even remember him as the free throw shooter against the Pacers when the Indiana crowd chanted “LeBron’s gonna trade you!” Even still, the young guard has been nothing but consistent for Los Angeles. Over his last 13 games, Ingram has failed to put up 27+ Fantasy Points only once, while putting up over 33 Fantasy Points 4 times during that stretch. Now that the trade deadline is passed, Ingram can focus up and ball out against a Hawks team that ranks 27th in OPRK against PG/SGs.

SG – DeMar DeRozan, San Antonio Spurs (DK Salary $7,300, 40.5 FPPG)

It’s still strange for me to write DeMar DeRozan as a member of the Spurs, but with a stat line of 21.6 PPG / 6.1 RPG / 6.2 APG / 40.5 FPPG, he’s still the same All-Star as before. The former Raptor definitely had his share of struggles in January, but he’s beginning to look like his normal self again. Over his last 3 games, DeRozan is averaging 40.2 FPPG. Tonight, he gets the chance to continue his hot streak against a reeling Grizzlies squad.

SF – Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors (DK Salary $9,100, 48.9 FPPG)

Superstars seldom need any explanation for being selected in fantasy, but in case you needed one: Durant has an insane stat like of 27.5 PPG / 7.1 RPG / 5.9 APG / 48.9 FPPG. Plus, when he’s on, he’s on. Durant has posted over 50 Fantasy Points 5 times in his last 13 games. At nearly 50 FPPG, any night is a great night to take the two-time Finals MVP.

PF – Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers (DK Salary $6,600, 37.5 FPPG)

Harris was one of several big names to change scenery this offseason, and he couldn’t have landed in a better situation with Philadelphia. The 76ers are in the middle of a playoff hunt and now have a “Core 4” in Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler, and Harris. With so many stars in Philly, it was unsure how Harris may fit in, but if it’s any indicator, he put up 41.5 Fantasy Points with his new team the other night against the Lakers. Tonight, Harris gets to go up against a Celtics team that is in the bottom third of the league in OPRK against SF/PFs. I’m expecting big things tonight from the newest 76er.  

C – Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic (DK Salary $9,500, 46.0 FPPG)

$9,500 is certainly a price to pay for a non-superstar name, but Vucevic has been worth every penny so far this season. Averaging a double-double with 20.5 PPG and 12 RPG, it’s clear why he’s so casually averaging 46 FPPG. He seldom goes cold, too. Only twice has Vucevic gone below 40 Fantasy Points over his last 15 games, and during that stretch he has never hit 36 Fantasy Points or below. Especially a Pelicans team that ranks 23rd in OPRK against Centers, Vucevic is a must in fantasy lineups tonight.

G – Kent Bazemore, Atlanta Hawks (DK Salary $4,000, 26.1 FPPG)

For a while it seemed like Bazemore would have the same buyout fate with Atlanta that Jeremy Lin had, but it looks as though he will be staying a Hawk for the rest of this season. Bazemore’s recent low production has reduced his price tag significantly, but that should be encouraging to fantasy players who want to buy strong value. 26.1 FPPG at $4,000 DK doesn’t come often, and despite his greater use as a depth player as of late, Bazemore should see an uptick in value and production with the departure of fellow guard Jeremy Lin. Take the risk tonight, especially with the Hawks hosting a Lakers team that ranks second-to-last in OPRK against SG/SFs. 

F – Dewayne Dedmon, Atlanta Hawks (DK Salary $4,600, 25.4 FPPG)

Much like his aforementioned teammate, Dedmon was also a likely candidate for a buyout prior to the trade deadline. However, unlike Bazemore, Dedmon’s production has been solid and consistent as Atlanta has used him in a more consistent manner. The former USC Trojan has posted over 30 Fantasy Points in 6 times in his last 13 games, and that production should continue as the Hawks take on the Lakers, who rank 28th in OPRK against PF/Cs. 

UTIL – Reggie Bullock, Los Angeles Lakers (DK Salary $3,400, 21.2 FPPG)

Bullock did seem a bit lost the other night with his new team, scoring only 2 points and 13.8 Fantasy Points in Philadelphia. However, Bullock has been riding high in February thus far, averaging 30.1 FPPG this month prior to that blip. Some speculate that Bullock’s role will be reduced with the returning health of his teammates Josh Hart and Lonzo Ball, but while those two remain hurt, take Bullock with his great value of 21.2 FPPG for just $3,400 DK and expect big things against the Hawks, who rank 27th in OPRK against SG/SFs.

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