WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 2/11/19 - 2/12/19

WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 2/11/19 - 2/12/19

Another up and down week for the WWE.

Top Pops of the Week

Becky Lynch removed from the Wrestlemania Main Event (RAW)

This weeks episode of Raw started off with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H speaking to Becky Lynch about what happened last week. The pair explained how sorry and wrong they were to take away her Wrestlemania main event against Ronda Rousey. Becky had been selling a knee injury that she refused to have checked out by the WWE because she doesn’t trust the McMahons. She knows they don’t want her in the main event, so she took it upon herself to see her own doctors. After being cleared by her own doctors, Stephanie granted her the match against Ronda...on the condition that she apologize for putting her hands on the two of them last week. Becky had until the end of the night to apologize, so she got the opening and closing segment this week. At the end of the show, she explained how all she ever wanted, since she was a kid, was to be the first woman to ever main event Wrestlemania. And if all she had to do was apologize then that's what she would do.

Although I don’t love having your badass character say I’m sorry to an authority figure, it made sense after her monologue. But this is where the segment went to another level. Vince McMahon came out and told Becky that he doesn’t accept her apology and she was now suspended for 60 days, which extends through Wrestlemania. So she is out of the match. Taking her place will be Charlotte Flair. The boos echoing throughout the arena were unbelievable. They did an amazing job of getting all this heat on Charlotte and making her the ultimate bad guy. What they need to do now is keep Becky away from the TV for a few weeks, making people believe that she is really suspended. When she returns, it is going to be the biggest reaction WWE has seen in probably 20 years.

Gauntlet Match (Smackdown)

This is how you set up a WWE championship match: dedicate one full hour of television to one match. Sure this is more like 5 matches in 1, but it is still one match. It started off with Champion Daniel Bryan against newly added Kofi Kingston. These two had a great 25+ minute match and tore the roof of the place. In a surprise victory, Kofi stood tall. Then out came Jeff Hardy. This fight was much shorter with Kofi pinning Jeff after 15 minutes. Then Samoa Joe came out and just toyed with Kingston for the entire time. Eventually he put Kofi in a sleeper hold, but Kingston reversed the move into a pin and ended up beating Joe. This was such a great performance by Kofi, a 11 year veteran who has never held the WWE championship, but showed he deserves a chance to shine. Joe attacked Kofi for a bit after he was defeated, causing AJ Styles to run down and stop the beat down. With AJ being the baby face he is, he gave Kofu time to recover and a chance to give up the match. Kofi had been wrestling for over 50 minutes at this point and had impressed everybody. Kofi didn’t quit and started pushing Styles yelling that he worked too hard to get to where he is. Style pinned him shortly after. As expected when you know the show ends at 10 and the clock reads 9:59, Randy Orton ran up behind Styles and hit him with the RKO to win with 5 seconds left before USA needed to switch over to Temptation Island. What an amazing match that made everybody believe Kofi Kingston has a chance to win this Sunday after being on a tag team for the better part of the last 5 years.

Worst Botches of the Week

6-Man Tag Team Match (RAW)

This was the only thing I really had an issue with this week. There are five very talented people in this match, who are being overlooked because the writers apparently don’t know how to construct more than one story at a time. The whole show seems totally focused on the Becky Lynch storyline. That’s sad to watch when you have Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, and Bobby Lashley doing basically nothing. I couldn’t tell you if any of these people even have a storyline. I think the writers just glanced at the roster, saw names the crowd would be into, and put them in a match. Most fans want a story to make them cheer for a good guy and boo a bad guy. Having good matches is not enough. And to make it worse, this wasn’t even a good match. Then they throw Kurt Angle in there. This man is one of the best off all time and you are putting him in this shit? I just don’t understand. Let him have a fued with Drew and make a new star out of him. Also Fuck Baron Corbin, get him away from these guys, he is not up to their level. Maybe one day he can be, but right now he isn’t. Just being tall is not enough to make me want to watch anything he does.

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