Does Bo Jackson Need More Testosterone?

Alpha King promises to give you more testosterone than your father and his father and probably his brother too.

We’ve all seen the commercials, like this one, which opens with a husky voice-over asking, “What’s happening to men in America?”:

Or this one, featuring a chubby Bo Jackson without sleeves. Say what you will about the poor production quality and the cheesy sales pitch, but Bo Jackson saying with a straight face that he needs more testosterone is surely great acting.

I don’t know about you, but I get a personal kick out of listening to testosterone pill commercials. I like them so much, it’s almost a hobby. There’s Nugenix, Extenze, High T, Naturade, Nutrez, Six Star, Ageless Male, and, of course, Force Factor. All these companies sound like a robot-cowboy trying to recall key concepts in biology, or how you’d sell snake oil for a man’s mid-life crisis.

So this week on our workout blog, I’ve decided to turn some attention onto Alpha King, and more specifically, its customer reviews. Yep, I’ve compiled below a few reviews on Amazon and GNC. I figure, why not let the people who’ve actually tried Alpha King tell us what it’s like?

So without further ado:

Did not work, I am a 46 yr old male and it did nothing. I am thinking if anything it made my symptoms worse

This is almost a riddle. What can do nothing and yet make this man’s symptoms worse?

Seems to lack something

This is my view on life.

This is the 3rd bottle I purchase, and I found this product is not for me. I dont feel it.

You have heard the expression: fool me once, fool me twice, but can’t fool me three times...You have been fooled three times.

Hard to say if these are working.

I am as confused as you are.

Short energy boost but no other real benefits


Like the product but not for me ...some side effects tell more, please.

The ads for this product make wild claims and fail to back them up with any scientific evidence while also promoting harmful male stereotypes. (Crying in a movie theater doesn't make you any less manly and neither do face masks !??)

When I was a kid, watching The Mask made me cry.

Excellent! It helped my husband tremendously!

This review is sponsored by her husband.

This product is awesome, a must have. I'm 48 years young and this product leans me out and improves my sex drive..

So does cocaine and cigarettes, apparently.

Hubby bought these to try out, wondering if they would help not only his endurance but also give him more energy. within a week, the difference was amazing! not only does he have more energy, but is like a 20 year old in the bed again.. deft. wont be disappointed..

‘Like a twenty year old in bed, but not disappointing’... this is a magical pill.

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