Weird Stuff in the Weight Room

Weird Stuff in the Weight Room

Let’s appreciate the weird and wildly ignorant stuff people do in the weight room every day so we, the sane, feel better about ourselves.

I go to the gym everyday (no big deal); it’s just part of the job, really. They’d take my blog away if I didn’t. And I reckon that I’ve seen my fair share of aggressively purposeless exercises performed by fifty year old men in headbands. So today, I’m going to celebrate the boulder heads who make my time in the gym just a little bit more enjoyable.

Here’s a prank video to get started:

It’s amazing how much you can get away with before people actively leave the area.

Like elsewhere, reality tends to be more surprising than fiction. Add in CrossFit, which is eccentric as it gets, and you’ve got some absolutely wild and real videos. Check this one:

YouTube commentators love to hate cross fit. And I completely get it. It’s literally competing to see who can exercise better. The results are exactly what you’d expect from people who would voluntarily rise at 5am to do this.

Now lest you think Cross Fit has all the fun, look no further than Planet Fitness. The purple gym has managed to clone itself across the country by hooking people who actively do not want to exercise. It’s the inverse of Cross Fit. And while these moves are less cringe worthy, they’re more head scratching.

Sometimes a great failure can be turned into a stunning success. See this entrepreneur of the fitness flop:

Finally, let’s end with a video that will make sure you, dear reader, are not caught exercising with bad form, which is the cardinal sin of the high church of steel.

The deadlift is a compound movement that’s easy to screw up, especially if you’re especially stiff or tired (don’t leave the hardest exercises for the end of a workout…). Done improperly, the deadlift can be disastrous for your lower back. So check this video out on how to fix a few common mistakes when deadlifting:

P.S. I like Romanian Deadlifts, but he’s right to point out that it’s an exercise with a different focus than the traditional deadlift (which is more about generating power than isolating the hamstrings and lower back).

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