WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 2/25/19 - 2/26/19

WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 2/25/19 - 2/26/19


This was the best week of WWE television I have seen since I started watching again back in 2016. Before I get into what I believed to be their best segments of the night I have to mention Roman Reigns.

Back in October, Roman Reigns announced he had Leukemia and had to relinquish the Universal Championship and leave wrestling to fight cancer. Well, this Monday night he returned and told us his cancer was in remission. The crowd gave him the greeting he deserved, showering him with “Thank you Roman,” “This is your yard,” and even“Fuck Cancer.” This is one of those great moments where we as fans look past the character, look past the story line, and celebrate the man Joe Anoa’i. Congratulations Roman, can’t wait til he is back full time.

Top Pops of the Week:

Dave Bautista Attacks Ric Flair on 70th Birthday

Man this was great; this was storytelling at its finest. For weeks now, the WWE has been building up the 70th birthday party of 2-time hall of famer Ric Flair. And I must say: they got me, and got me good. Because of the Becky Lynch - Charlotte Flair feud, I thought for sure Becky Lynch would crash the party. It didn’t even cross my mind that Dave Bautista, fucking Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, was going to attack a 70 year old. We haven’t seem Bautista since October on the 20th anniversary of Smackdown, which was his first appearance since 2014.

Although we didn’t see the attack (because I don’t know how many people are comfortable watching a 70 year old get beat up), we got the visual of Bautista dragging the limp body of Flair out of his dressing room and into the common area.

Bautista drops Flair and turns to the camera to say, “Hey Hunter (Triple H)...do I have your attention now?...HUH?!”

It was just beautifully done. As of writing, the video has 4.7 million views on YouTube. Roman Reigns announcing he is in remission from fucking cancer only has 2.4 million. Just goes to show people love seeing old faces again. And when you knock it outta the park like they did here, ratings only go up.

Vince McMahon Removes Kofi Kingston from WWE Title Match

There is a chance I am going to be way off and completely hate this segment in a few weeks. But for now, it seems like the WEE are 100% behind Kofi Kingston and are giving him his Wrestlemania moment. Smackdown kicked off with the contract signing for the WWE Championship match at Fastlane. Kofi was in the ring, giving a very heartfelt speech about how he had worked his ass off for 11 years for this moment. Kofi has been the United States, Intercontinental, and multiple time tag team champion. Now was supposed to be his time to win the belt with all the legacy and all the glory.

Then out comes Vince McMahon and that never means anything good. McMahon explains it’s his job to make sure the fans get the best show possible and the company makes the most money. And that meant no Kofi Kingston. He replaced him with a returning Kevin Owens.

This is great because this is somehow going to lead to Kofi Kingston getting his title match at Wrestlemania. He deserves his shot at Wrestlemania and I couldn’t be happier for this man, who has worked his ass off for 11 years. Now if I am wrong and he doesn’t get his match at Mania, well then I am no better than anyone who went to Fyre Fest.

Botches of the Week:

None. There were no mistakes this week. Sure there may have been a few filler segments like the Bayley vs Nia Jax match, but there was nothing that actually made me embarrassed to be watching this show. It’s a very rare occurrence and boy does it feel good.

As a bonus, just watch this week’s A Moment of Bliss. See 1:30-2:10 for Corey Graves reaction to Lio Rush coming out.  

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