Kenny Omega: The Bidding War is On

As of Midnight February 2, 2019, Kenny Omega is officially a free agent.

Easily the most anticipated free agent in wrestling history, Kenny Omega is set for a huge contract wherever he decides to go.

Omega, aka The Cleaner, is considered by many to be the best wrestler on the planet. Along with Kazuchika Okada, Omega is the first wrestler to ever receive a 6/5 star match from long time writer of The Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer. The pair accomplished this feat 3 times.

Kenny has spent his most recent stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he was IWGP Heavyweight Champion and leader of the uber popular faction Bullet Club.

Photo Source: Sportskeeda

Photo Source: Sportskeeda

Now Kenny has a tough decision to make on whether to join the WWE or the start up AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

A lot of people think this a no brainier: it’s WWE or bust. But AEW is a new promotion started by some of Omega’s longtime friends, Cody Rhodes and Matt and Nick Jackson. AEW is funded by Jacksonville Jaguars owner Tony Kahn and already boasts a successful YouTube show called Being The Elite. So it may be more appealing for Omega to help his friends build a new company to rival the WWE.

The WWE, however, has the history, the money, and the TV deals to make Kenny a household name. As reported by Meltzer, the WWE has offered him a 3 million dollar contract. The company also promised to help him build his own Video Game YouTube channel, much like current superstar Xavier Woods.

Several reports have indicated that Kenny is leaning towards signing with AEW and joining his friends. But WWE is continuing to add incentives to try and lure the bout machine their way.

Personally, I would love to see Kenny Omega join the WWE because of all the dream matchups possible. Whatever he decides is sure to change the wrestling scene for years to come.

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