Super Bowl 53 Recap: They're Still Here

The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl 53 champions.

This was all about defense from the get-go. Neither quarterback looked comfortable; both Brady and Goff struggled to make plays. The great defense was reflected in the scoreline: 13-3. That’s the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time, beating Super Bowl 7’s final score of 14-7.

Although both defenses tried to stop the run, the Rams couldn’t completely contain Sony Michel. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry and scored the games only touchdown. Meanwhile, the Patriots held Todd Gurley to just 35 yards on 10 carries. Gurley was clearly still bothered by a knee injury he suffered during the regular season, as he spent a large portion of the game riding the stationary bike on the sideline. CJ Anderson couldn't get himself going either recording only 22 yards on 7 carries.

Bill Belichick planned his pass defense much like he did against the Chiefs. Stephen Gilmore ( who caught the game-clinching interception) shadowed former New England Patriots Brandin Cooks all game, while Robert Woods was doubled on the other side. Neither were able to get going, especially given Goff’s struggles. The Pats sacked Goff 4 times and got pressure on nearly 65% of drop backs. Goff had a look like he just wasn't ready. The lights just looked too bright for Jared.

Photo Source: Def Pen

Photo Source: Def Pen

As I know you’ve heard a million times leading up to this game: you beat Tom Brady by hitting him quickly. The Rams didn't hit him much and only recorded 1 sack in the game. Despite only allowing 13 points, the Ram’s defense gave up 22 first downs and over 400 total yards worth of offense.

Like I said in my Hit or Miss, the game was going to come down to the two quarterbacks. Tom Brady, although not having a good game himself, made the plays he needed to. Brady and Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman we're on the same page all night. The two connected 10 times for 141 yards.

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The go ahead drive was pure Tom Brady fashion. The Pat’s QB was 4/4 on 5 plays. The Sony Michel touchdown was set up by a huge 29 yard completion to Rob Gronkowski (the biggest play of the game). Tom Brady now has six 4th quarter game-winning drives in six Super Bowl victories. Absolutely incredible.

The New England Patriots are now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Lombardi Trophies in NFL history. All under the reign on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and all in the past 18 years.

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