NBA Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers

The trade deadline is my favorite day of a sports season. Playoff contenders are trying to get to the next level. While the worst teams are clearing out their rosters in order to rebuild for the future. We saw a little of both during the 2019 NBA trade deadline. And there were some clear winners and losers.  



The Raptors were able to receive veteran big man Marc Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies. This move now gives Toronto a legitimate big 3 that helps them spread the floor. Gasol is a Center who can also shoot from the outside, as well as post up on the block. He is one of the better passing bigs in the league, averaging 4.4 assist per game which is 2nd among centers. This is a huge move for Toronto and I’m sure Kawhi Leonard is so ecstatic he can barely control himself. Who knows, maybe he even cracked a grin.


Philadelphia made two huge moves before the deadline, one a few days before the other. First Philadelphia got Tobias Harris from the Clippers. Harris is averaging nearly 20 ppg this season. But more importantly, he’s shooting around 43% from three. The Sixers need shooters to put around Ben Simmons. Tobias will compliment JJ Reddick nicely. Philadelphia also traded Markelle Fultz to the Magic for Jonathan Simmons and a future 1st and 2nd round pick. The 76ers got a king's ransom for the bench riding Fultz. Simmons will be a very solid player off the Philly bench.

Photo Source: NBC Sports

Photo Source: NBC Sports



What were the Magic thinking? They gave up a pretty nice player in Simmons for Markelle Fultz? Fultz has only played 33 games in his career out of a possible 136. Unless the Magic are confident they can fix him, this is a weird trade. I don’t see how Fultz is going to be worth two future picks. Orlando must see some potential in the kid and I hope that’s right for both.


The Lakers were unable to secure Anthony Davis by the deadline. In fact, it looks like they were just getting played. The trade package L.A. offered for All-Star Anthony Davis was leaked and seen by the world. Insiders suspect the Pelicans leaked trade details to try and mess with the Lakers team chemistry. It may have worked, given L.A.’s 46 point loss recently. Lebron James seems to have lost the locker room and will need to regain the trust of his teammates.  

Photo Source: NESN

Photo Source: NESN

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