A Monster Deal for an Angel: Mike Trout Signs Biggest Contract in Sports History

A Monster Deal for an Angel: Mike Trout Signs Biggest Contract in Sports History

It was just another Tuesday for sports. The NFL offseason began its cooldown, the NBA was wrapping up the regular season, and the MLB continued warming up in spring training (unless you’re the Mariners or Athletics, who apparently just played the first regular season game of the 2019 season in Japan? What was that all about? I’m still not sure it was real. Let’s pretend it wasn’t and that Opening Day is still just over a week away.)

Then, out of nowhere, the news breaks of Mike Trout’s new MASSIVE contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels.

Yeah, your eyes do not deceive you, you read that one right. The undisputed best player in baseball just signed the largest contract in professional sports history. Agreement has been made on a deal for $430 million over 12 years, netting Trout the most money over a contract lifespan and giving him the highest AAV of any player at around $36 million per year. The deal includes no opt-out clauses, meaning that he will most likely be an Angel for life (fitting title!)

Looking back at the news, this is the most Mike Trout move of all time. Having garnered no attention throughout the entire negotiation process, he agreed to the biggest deal in sports history on a random Tuesday in March. He was due to be a free agent next baseball offseason, during which new Phillies star Bryce Harper publicly stated that he would heavily recruit Trout to Philadelphia (tampering, much?) This must come as a shock to the city of Philadelphia, who felt that they were heavy favorites to land their hometown hero next offseason. This also likely irks Harper, who just signed the biggest MLB contract not too long ago at $330 million, to which Mike Trout said, “Hold my beer.”

Much like the Phillies, the Yankees were targeting Trout to be their next big superstar in pinstripes after losing out on big ticket stars like Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Nolan Arenado. Instead, the best center fielder in baseball history will be staying cozy in the AL West, and I could not be happier as a Mets fan. Not to mention how happy I am for notorious good guy Mike Trout and for the state of baseball after this deal. Good for you Mike, I hope the Angels bring back the Rally Monkey so that you can finally get your well-deserved ring.

By the way, hidden in all of this was the news of star third baseman Alex Bregman agreeing to a 6-year $100 million contract extension with the Houston Astros. Talk about an overlooked transaction. This news got completely overshadowed, meanwhile my bank hounds me every time I withdraw $100 from the ATM. Maybe it’s time for me to go back on the baseball path.

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