WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 3/18 - 3/20

WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 3/18 - 3/20

Another up and down week for WWE television. Once again Monday Night Raw was a complete bore, while Smackdown Live continues to provide better stories and in-ring action. Let’s get into this weeks pops and botches.


Kofi Kingston Gauntlet Match

This is the best storyline going on right now by far. Kofi Kingston had his gauntlet match this week where he had to compete against 5 other wrestlers to receive a title match at Wrestlemania. He started off against The Bar. Shockingly, the best match out of all the great names he faced was Sheamus. Kofi goes through them, but then Rowan comes down. Rowan brilliantly attacked Kofi with a steel chair (a disqualifying move) to weaken him for the remainder of the match. Samoa Joe comes down and loses via roll up, allowing Joe to look strong because he wasn’t beat straight up. The same happens next with Randy Orton.

It seemed as though Kofi had done all he was asked; he completed the gauntlet and will get his match at Wrestlemania. Then Vince McMahon comes out and says: not so fast. Vince informs Kofi he has one more opponent… the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan wins against the exhausted Kofi, letting the entire crowd coming down off this high of witnessing Kofi finally get his shot at the title. Kofi, as of right now, still doesn’t have his title match. This is just great storytelling. We still don’t have a WWE title match 2 weeks out from the biggest show of the year, but I am sure that will be fixed on Tuesday.


Everything Happening with Braun Strowman

For some reason they are making Braun Strowman the comedy man. He is 6’8’’ and 380lbs, but they’re making him do backstage skits with SNL’s Michael Che and Colin Jost? Amazingly stupid. This gut should be fighting for the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar. At last year's Wrestlemania, he won the Tag Team Title with a 10 YEAR OLD BOY. They are totally blowing this guy’s potential and it’s truly sad to see. Strowman has size, charisma, athleticism; but all we get to see is him fuss around with Colin Jost. COLIN JOST! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Weekend Update. It is my favorite part of SNL. But this is just a total waste of talent and is really upsetting to see.

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