FTF Memphis Grizzlies - 2018-19 Preseason Moves

Welcome back to Flip This Franchise - 2K edition.

This week we start 2018-19 season with the Grizzlies. We will look at the roster, see what moves to make, and predict how the season will turn out (as a reminder, I am creating this through NBA 2K’s My GM Mode). So to start off, let’s take a look at the Grizzlies current depth chart on NBA 2K.

Depth Chart:

PG: Mike Conley, Delon Wright, Jevon Carter

SG: Avery Bradley, Dillon Brooks, Tyler Dorsey, Julian Washburn

SF: Justin Holiday, CJ Miles, Kyle Anderson, Chandler Parsons, Bruno Caboclo, Yuta Watanabe

PF: Jaren Jackson Jr., Ivan Rabb

C: Jonas Valanciunas, Joakim Noah

Above, I have underlined the players I am looking to hold on to for the 2019 season. As you can see, only Jackson Jr. and Rabb are underlined. Jackson Jr. is a no-brainer. As for Rabb, I’m looking to keep him because of his age, potential, salary, and current overall. At 21, he has B potential on a $1.5m/1 year deal (team option after this season) and is a 76 OVR. Apart from those two, everyone else is fair game to be traded because of either their age, potential, salary and/or current overall. As I mentioned in our previous blog, I am looking to exchange players in return for draft picks, cap space, or young players with good potential. While players like Conley, Wright, Valanciunas, and Bradley are quality pieces, they are either on massive deals (especially Conley, Anderson, and Parsons) or one year deals like Wright, Valanciunas, and Bradley. As a result, I decided to make four trades at the start of the season.


Grizzlies trade: Chandler Parsons, SF / Tyler Dorsey, SG

Knicks trade: Mitchell Robinson, C / John Jenkins, SG

Grizzlies trade: Jonas Valanciunas, C / Dillon Brooks, SG

Clippers trade: Montrezl Harrell, C / Patrick Beverley, PG

Grizzlies trade: Mike Conley, PG / Justin Holiday, SG

Nets trade: Caris LeVert, SG / DeMarre Carroll, SF

Grizzlies trade: Kyle Anderson, SF

Knicks trade: Luke Kornet, C / ‘19 2nd Round (Rockets)

In total, we ended up acquiring seven players in exchange for seven players. However, we were able to shed a ton of cap space, since the contracts of Conley, Anderson, and Parsons were all dumped. That freed up a total of around $150m. As a result, we also received three talented young players in Robinson, Harrell, and LeVert, plus a ‘19 2nd Round pick. While Robinson and Harrell are both Centers, they are both on 2 year deals that are extremely cheap for the value they provide. Robinson at 21 yrs old is on a 2 year deal worth around $2.5m at a 75 OVR, while Harrell is also on a 2 year deal worth around $12m at an 83 OVR. Levert, a 24 yr old SG is on a 1 year deal that has a team option for about $3m for the 2019-20 season and is also an 81 OVR. Players acquired such as Jenkins, Beverley, Carroll, and Kornet, are all on 1 year deals that will expire at the end of the season. The reason why I wanted these players specifically is because they help fill various position gaps and also free up cap space for the 2019 season. Below I have listed the updated depth chart for the 2018-19 season.

Depth Chart:

PG: Patrick Beverley, Delon Wright, Jevon Carter

SG: Caris LeVert, Avery Bradley, John Jenkins, Julian Washburn

SF: DeMarre Carroll, CJ Miles, Bruno Caboclo, Yuta Watanabe

PF: Jaren Jackson Jr., Ivan Rabb

C: Montrezl Harrell, Mitchell Robinson, Joakim Noah, Luke Kornet

The overall takeaway of this Grizzlies team thus far is that they are a younger team and now have players to develop around/with Jackson Jr. In terms of the additions, I would like to keep LeVert, Harrell, and Robinson for the 2019 season, since they are young pieces with high potential and do not hurt the team financially. In terms of my season prediction, this team should win about 20-30 games. The fans will still come to the games to watch the young talent, but the team will suffer from the loss of Grizzlies veteran Mike Conley. Beverley should partially fill the void and help develop some of the younger players on the roster. Overall, it will be interesting to see how the team fairs as the roster is vastly different after those four trades.

Stay tuned for the next Flip This Franchise blog, where we check in before the Trade Deadline, and discuss any last minute moves.

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