NBA Fantasy Favorites - March 25, 2019

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and we won’t let this one slip away.

Last Lineup’s Best Picks:

D’Angelo Russell, Brooklyn Nets (49.5 Fantasy Points vs 38.6 FPPG)

Pascal Siakam, Toronto Raptors (37.75 Fantasy Points vs 33.1 FPPG)

Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks (36 Fantasy Points vs 20.7 FPPG)

Danny Green, Toronto Raptors (32.25 Fantasy Points vs 21.1 FPPG)

Tonight’s Starting Lineup:

PG – D’Angelo Russell, Brooklyn Nets (DK Salary $8,600, 38.8 FPPG)

The expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” couldn’t be truer for Mr. Ice In His Veins. Russell has been scorching hot as of late, averaging an astounding 61.6 FPPG over his last 3 games. I mean, are we kidding? That’s an absolutely INSANE hot streak; one that’s well worth only $8,600 DK. And if you’ve been watching any recent Nets games, you can see that Russell is completely locked in when he steps on the court. Brooklyn has 8 games left in the season, but their playoff spot is still no sure thing. Against a Portland team tonight that is in the bottom third in OPRK against PG/SGs, D’Angelo will continue to carry the Nets on his back.

SG – Jimmy Butler, Philadelphia 76ers (DK Salary $7,400, 36.9 FPPG)

It’s still weird that Jimmy Butler is part of “The Process” in Philly, but he has been surprisingly good for all of the talent around him. In his last 5 games, Butler has posted 44+ Fantasy Points 4 times, averaging 42.4 FPPG over that stretch. His strong fantasy performances are largely due to the fact that he has a 5-game streak of scoring 20 points from the field. The 76ers have secured their spot in the playoffs, but Butler and the team will continue to fight for seeding, while trying to put away an aspiring Orlando unit.

SF – Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers (DK Salary $8,400, 43.9 FPPG)

For a player as versatile as Ben Simmons, it’s no surprise that he is averaging around 44 FPPG. The man can score, dish it out, and grab it on the glass with ease, allowing him to put up a stat line of 17.1 PPG / 9.0 RPG / 7.8 APG. With the playoffs approaching, Simmons has gotten hot and aggressive, averaging 48.8 FPPG over his last 3 starts. No matter how much the opposing Magic want to claw their way into the playoffs, they should be no match tonight for Simmons and the 76ers.

PF – Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz (DK Salary $5,500, 26.9 FPPG)

Derrick Favors can be a hit or miss type of fantasy player (no pun intended with Sulla’s Hit or Miss blog). In his last game against the Bulls, Favors put up only 21 Fantasy Points. But in 4 of the 6 games before that, he posted over 36 Fantasy Points (41.8, 36.5, 38.3, and 41.3, respectively.) The Jazz have the 7 seed in the West, but are only half a game out from the 5 seed and 2.5 games out from the 4 seed. The team’s remaining 9 games are pivotal to their playoff seeding. Expect them to go all out tonight at home against an abysmal Suns team.

C – Jonas Valanciunas, Memphis Grizzlies (DK Salary $7,100, 29.7 FPPG)

$7,100 DK for around 30 FPPG is not the greatest value, but Valanciunas has been significantly better with Memphis since being moved at the deadline. Now that he’s found his footing with the team, the big man has averaged a crazy 55.3 FPPG over his last 3 games, largely due to a strong stretch of 3 straight games with a double-double. The Grizzlies are long out of the playoff hunt (mostly because they’re not following the roadmap of Thork’s Flip this Franchise), but expect Valanciunas to put up a fight at home tonight against the Thunder.

G – Evan Fournier, Orlando Magic (DK Salary $5,100, 26.4 FPPG)

Fournier seems to spurn us every time we keep him out of our lineup, so it’s time we take a chance on him. With the Magic fighting hard to make the playoffs, Fournier has really elevated his game, averaging 24.5 PPG and 41.9 FPPG over his last 2 starts. The Orlando guard is especially strong in front of his home crowd, where the Magic will be playing tonight. Philadelphia will be a tough opponent, but with emotions running high and playoff hopes on the line, Fournier should continue to step things up.

F – Al-Farouq Aminu, Portland Trail Blazers (DK Salary $4,300, 23.5 FPPG)

The last time we took a chance on Aminu, he gave us a strong over-performance with 26.5 Fantasy Points. Even off the bench for Portland, Aminu is a solid option to contribute for the Blazers with 9.4 PPG and 7.4 RPG. In his last game, the forward posted a highly impressive 34.8 Fantasy Points on 22 Points and 7 Rebounds. In front of the home Portland crowd, expect Aminu to have another strong outing against a Brooklyn squad that is a weak 27th in OPRK against SF/PFs.

UTIL – Kyle Korver, Utah Jazz (DK Salary $3,500, 14.9 FPPG)

Sure, he may not be the goofy player he once was, with the crazy high socks and Justin Bieber haircut, but Korver still has one of the best shooting strokes in the NBA. Especially from 3-point range, Korver is lethal. With players like Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and Derrick Favors, he’s not the main scoring option in Utah, but that should open him up for some open looks behind the arc. As Utah looks to elevate their ranking in the West tonight against a brutal Phoenix team, expect Korver to make it rain off the bench.

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