WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 3/25 - 3/26

WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 3/25 - 3/26

What a pathetic episode of RAW this week.

I actually tapped out halfway through and turned my television off. I can’t believe we are 2 weeks away from their Wrestlemania, their most important show of the year, and this is the product they are putting out. Thankfully, Smackdown is much better television. If I didn’t write these recaps, I would probably stop watching RAW.


WWE Women's Title Match (SmackDown)

Although I don’t love the way the WWE uses Asuka (I think she deserves way better), this was a great match. It was a pay per view level match given for free on Smackdown. At first, it was supposed to be a non title match, but I guess plans changed. When the in-ring announcer was introducing both Charlotte and Asuka, he proclaimed it was now for the title. Even the ring ride commentators where surprised when it was announced. I thought for sure Ronda or Becky would come down to the ring and cost Charlotte the match, but she won straight up. She locked in the Figure Eight submission hold and made Asuka tap out. I was stunned because of all the rumors about Asuka defending her title against Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville. Now the triple threat main event has both the Raw and Smackdown women’s title belts. I assume the winner of the Wrestlemainia match will unify the titles and the winner will have to defend the belt across both shows, which I am all in for. But this really was a fantastic match. It had multiple great near falls and some spots that made me say “wow”. Great opening match for Smackdown this week.

New Day Gauntlet Match (SmackDown)

At the top of the show, Mr. McMahon decided that in order for Kofi Kingston to get his WWE title match at Wrestlemania, his New Day brethren Big E and Xavier Woods would need to win in a Tag Team Gauntlet match. This match had the same feel as the gauntlet match Kofi had last week. New Day beat The Club quickly and also Rusev and Nakamura. Things really started to pick up when the Bar came down. These teams have had so many matches, they can deliver with their eyes closed. The New Day came away with the win, but Sheamus and Cesaro attacked them afterwards. In the process, they slammed Big E through a table. Everyone loves a good table spot. Then the Usos came down which left me confused. Just last week they were in the backstage area cheering for Kofi in his gauntlet match. Thankfully the WWE did something that made sense for once in their lives. The Usos said they respected Kofi too much to try and prevent him from the match he earned and they forfeited. It all came down to the final entrants, Daniel Bryan and Rowan. New Day defeated the team via countout. Kofi Kingston has his title match. It was a long road, but he’s finally made his way to the match everyone wants to see at Wrestlemania.


Beat the Clock Challenge (RAW)

I always loved a good beat the clock challenge.The  matches have a sense of urgency that a normal match doesn’t. This didn’t have anything of the sort. Ronda Rousey was taking on Sarah Logan and beat her in just 1 minute and 23 seconds. This would have been fine if she was the final match. Becky and Charlotte should’ve had their matches first and they should have each taken around 10 minutes just to show that not every woman on the roster is a joke. There's such a thing as keeping your talents strong in defeat. But no, the WWE decided to have Ronda win in 1:23 and then have Charlotte get in the ring for a match with Ruby Riott. Nothing to see here because Charlotte doesn’t beat the clock and it is over 1 minutes and 23 seconds later. Whoop-de-doo who cares. Now it’s time for Becky who will take on Liv Morgan. She is able to beat Liv before the clock ran out making her the winner. And what does Becky win for being the fastest person to defeat her opponent? Nothing, nothing and everything was completely pointless. Earlier in the day WWE told news outlets this year's Wrestlemania main event will be the first to showcase the women. A huge deal, everyone was reporting on it, USA Today, Yahoo, everyone. So they follow up the big news by putting them out there a grand total of 7 minutes. Fucking disgracful. This in my opinion is the worst thing they have done all year.

A Moment of Bliss (RAW)

I don’t think I need to explain why this segment was so painful. This is one of those segments that actually makes me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. They have made Braun Strowman this stupid comedy guy when he should be an unstoppable giant. Why are they wasting his talent by having him mess around with Colin Jost and Michael Che of SNL!! What made me even more mad about this segment is that the two of them weren’t even funny. I think these two are hysterical during Weekend Update, but every joke they did here fell flat. Moral of the story is: Braun got them to enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. It will be infuriating to watch. I don’t care what they come up.  I won’t be happy about it. I know Vince McMahon thinks doing segments with celebrities is better than a title match, but he is wrong. Flat out wrong and I feel bad for Braun. If I were him I would just fucking quit.

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