NBA Fantasy Favorites - March 28, 2019

Last night Dame D.O.L.L.A. threw up bricks like he normally spits bars.

Last Lineup’s Best Picks:

Jonas Valanciunas, Memphis Grizzlies (50.25 Fantasy Points vs 29.9 FPPG)

Domantas Sabonis, Indiana Pacers (37 Fantasy Points vs 31.7 FPPG)

Seth (not Steph) Curry, Portland Trail Blazers (27.75 Fantasy Points vs 12.0 FPPG)

Lance Stephenson, Los Angeles Lakers (24.5 Fantasy Points vs 15.6 FPPG)

Tonight’s Starting Lineup:

PG – De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings (DK Salary $7,600, 36.8 FPPG)

The Kings are down but not out! Sacramento is a long shot to make this year’s playoffs, but they’re still in the hunt thanks to Fox’s stellar play. The young Point Guard has had a stellar sophomore season and has really been turning it up lately, averaging 39.3 FPPG over his last 5 games on 17.4 PPG / 4.4 RPG / 7.8 APG. Tonight should be especially good for Fox, who matches up against a sinking Pelicans team who ranks in the bottom third of the NBA in OPRK against Point Guards. Without their best defenders Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis, New Orleans has gone 1-9 in their last 10. They should get served up once again by Fox and the Kings.

SG – Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks (DK Salary $8,400, 42.6 FPPG)

Luka Doncic and Trae Young are in an intense battle for this year’s ROTY honors, but Doncic may just have the upper hand. The rookie from overseas has been having a hell of a year with strong stat line of 21.1 PPG / 7.6 RPG / 5.9 APG for 42.6 FPPG. Even with the Mavericks out of playoff contention, Doncic has continued putting up crazy numbers, averaging 63.2 FPPG over his last 2 games, both of which were triple-double performances. With under 10 games to go in the season, Doncic will be fighting for that ROTY trophy and should have another insane game tonight in Miami.

SF – Evan Fournier, Orlando Magic (DK Salary $5,300, 26.5 FPPG)

I need to apologize to Evan Fournier because I thought the Magic were good as done this season. He has single-handedly pushed them into the 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. Granted, it’s up to him and his team to hold their lead in the playoff race, but Fournier has proven that he is ready to make Orlando a playoff city once again. He has been on an absolute tear as of late, averaging 24.3 PPG and 40.9 FPPG over three games prior to Orlando’s win in Miami. Tonight will be a pivotal game for the Magic, as they travel to the 7-seeded Pistons, who rank 22nd in OPRK against SG/SFs. Fournier will be going all-out to push his team to the postseason and should be a top pick tonight.

PF – LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs (DK Salary $8,100, 39.7 FPPG)

Our bad luck with Aldridge in our Fantasy Favorites lineup is going to end tonight. It has to! The former Trail Blazer is absolutely cooking, averaging an insane 62.1 FPPG over his last 2 games. Over his last 5 games, he has posted 48+ Fantasy Points 3 times, including an incredible 75.8 Fantasy Point game the other night in Boston. The Spurs still haven’t clinched their playoff spot and will be fighting hard for playoff seeding in these next few games. As such, a hot-handed Aldridge should be going all-out tonight against a brutal Cleveland team that is 23rd in OPRK against PF/Cs.

C – Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks (DK Salary $4,400, 20.9 FPPG)

The price tag here seems wayyyyy too low. I’m almost ready to say it’s a trap, but I’m almost certain it’s a gift from the fantasy gods! Once everyone started to follow the hype train on Mitch, his salary rose to $6,500 DK, which is more in line with his production. Robinson has been lighting things up recently for New York in what can only be described as their tryouts for next season, averaging 38 FPPG in the 2 games before sitting  against the Clippers. When a gift is handed to you, don’t hesitate to take it. That gift tonight is Robinson at home, where the New York fans will be giving him nothing but positive energy at MSG (myself and Thork included).

G – Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers (DK Salary $5,900, 25.1 FPPG)

Sexton is a rookie that’s more under the radar than Doncic and Young, but he’s having himself a nice first year in the league. Even though the Cavaliers are tough to watch, Sexton is giving Cleveland fans something to root for with a strong 33.5 FPPG over his last 10 games. Sure, the Cavs are out of the playoffs, but the rookie has shown that he’s still willing to prove himself each and every night. Tonight should be no different for Sexton, who goes up against a Spurs team that is a terrible 28th in OPRK against Point Guards.

F – Bogdan Bogdanovic, Sacramento Kings (DK Salary $4,700, 26.8 FPPG)

Boggy is back! After a stretch of games where he saw limited action and fantasy production, the young swingman is back to producing like his old self. Over his last 2 games, in which he saw an average of 29.5 minutes on the floor, Bogdanovic has averaged 15.5 PPG and 29.7 FPPG. That type of production for under $5,000 DK is exceptional value, especially against a Pelicans team that is already 26th in OPRK against SG/SFs and is losing defenders like flies. Assuming all goes right tonight, Bogdanovic is a great pick for our fantasy lineup.  

UTIL – Damyean Dotson, New York Knicks (DK Salary $5,500, 20.5 FPPG)

Maybe a bit of my Knicks bias is coming out, but too many people seem to sleep on Dotson. A second-year player out of the University of Houston, Dotson has fought his way onto the Knicks starting lineup and is making his case to remain apart of the team next year. Over his last 8 games, he has scored 31+ Fantasy Points 5 times, including a dominant 47 Fantasy Points in Minnesota earlier this month. He may not be a sexy pick like James Harden or Steph Curry, but Dotson will continue to fight tonight against the Raptors. Especially with Kawhi Leonard out of Toronto’s lineup, Dotson should feast in front of a home crowd, myself included.

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