The New Rules: NFL Misses Wide Right

The NFL is making a few rule changes for the upcoming season and here are two that have caught my eye.

First, the NFL has created a new rule where coaches are able to challenge the ruling of pass interference calls and non-calls.

This is clearly a knee jerk reaction to the NFC Championship game in January between the Saints and the Rams. I think about 95% of America is in agreement that this was probably the worst non-call in the history of the NFL. It’s right up there with Jim Joyce taking away the perfect game from Armando Galarraga, which is one reason why the MLB now has instant replay.

I don’t like the new rule. Pass interference is a lot like holding: you can call it on almost every play. Now if you slow down the tape and look at every angle, you can find some form of pass interference or holding on just about every snap. I think if we start doing this with pass interference, it won’t be long until it makes its way to the offensive line, where there will be 10 yard penalties on every play.

The better solution is having an extra official in the booth, who is watching the broadcast and has a birds eye view. Going back to the Saints game, somehow the on field official missed the call, but every single person in their living rooms saw what happened. If you just have an official watching the broadcast, he can connect with the refs on the field and tell them what he saw and what the call should be.

The second rule change is the the 15 yards penalty for a blindside block. Understandably, this is a new rule being placed to help lower the risk of concussions during the game. It was reported that one-third of concussions occur when there is a blindside block.

Honestly, I’m on the side of letting the men play the game they signed up to play. Shit like this is ruining the game. Don’t get me wrong, there is no end to me watching every single game every single Sunday. But this is going to take away some of the biggest plays we get every year. I mean there is gambling to be done on these games.

I still go back sometimes to a Julian Edelman touchdown a few years ago against the Dolphins were Michael Floyd just blew Tony Lippett the fuck up. One of the best hits I can ever remember seeing in all my days

Good clean hits make football the most popular game in our country. The more the league takes that away, the less enjoyable the NFL is to watch. Hell, even Jets Safety Jamal Adams thinks this shit is wack.

I am not one to side with a Jets player, but I like the way this man thinks. This is soft. With all these new rules, I might start spending my Sundays betting on college volleyball. Don’t make me do it, NFL.

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