New York Knicks Recap: Raptors Claw the Knicks to Shreds

Last night was my third Knicks game of the year, and to tell you the truth I don’t know why I’ve been to so many this year.

In the last 7 years I’ve been to 1 game at MSG, and that was to get front-row seats to see then-legend Kristaps Porzingis tear his ACL live. But I guess now that they’re the worst they’ve even been in history, I can finally afford a ticket and support James Dolan’s shitty agenda. 

Right around mid-court, Thork and I had a perfect view of Toronto’s demolition of the Knicks. Immediately from the start the Knicks were blown out. It felt like only seconds passed before I looked at the scoreboard and saw Knicks 12, Raptors 25. When I saw that, I knew it was already over. There was just no way they could even attempt to come back. The current Knicks roster is maybe the most sorry excuse for a basketball team that I’ve ever seen, and I played 8 years of Y-ball with all white kids. And this spanking of the Knicks is all with Kawhi Leonard out of the lineup for Toronto, mind you.

With that said, one player on New York’s team has proven to be a legitimate NBA star in the making, and that’s rookie center Mitchell Robinson. When my brother and I went to the Knicks-Jazz game last week, we saw Robinson set a couple of franchise records, and this happened yet again last night with Thork and I in attendance. In a humiliating 117-92 loss, Robinson still shined with 19 Points and 21 Rebounds, which was the most rebounds in a game by a rookie in the last 50 years. 

Additionally, Robinson swatted away another 2 blocks, per the norm with his crazy 2.4 blocks per game. As NBC’s Tommy Beer pointed out, Robinson has been putting up historic rookie numbers that should be giving Knicks fans like myself some hope for the future. And considering my track record with bringing historic games to Mitchell Robinson, if it means I have to go to some more Knicks to keep him going, by god I’ll do it.

Despite Robinson’s heroics, New York still got blown out by a Kawhi-less Raptors team and dropped to an incredible 14-61 on the season. Nothing can stop this full-blown tank of a season. Not Dennis Smith Jr. and DeAndre Jordan’s arrival on the team, not Adam Silver’s anti-tanking rules, and not even Fat Joe’s pitiful halftime performance at the game (I really want to be able to say it was good, but it was almost worse than the Knicks. All he did was pace around the sideline and sing over his songs while being half a beat off. If the random 50-year-old guy behind us, who’s definitely seen some shit in his day, screams on his phone that it was the worst concert of all time, that’s saying something.)

Our seats for the Knicks game and Fat Joe “concert”

Our seats for the Knicks game and Fat Joe “concert”

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