Miami Heat Recap: Turn Back the Clock

On Monday, March 4th, 2019, I attended my first Miami Heat basketball game.

Ever since the release of NBA Live 06, featuring Dwyane Wade on the cover, I’ve been a fan of the Heat. It only took me 14 years, but I have finally made my way to American Airlines Arena in South Beach.

View from my seat last night

View from my seat last night

My favorite part about live games is the crowd factor. Close your eyes amid any passionate fanbase, and you should be able to tell exactly where you are based on the noise. I know I’m at Citi Field in Queens when I hear 65 year old Jewish fans complaining about concession prices. I know I’m at Yankee Stadium when I hear bad New York Italian accents gloating about 27 rings or some bullshit. Last night I knew I was in Miami when the guy next to me made his girlfriend retake a selfie no less than 500 times because he didn’t look good. Never change Miami...I take that back, please change.

I couldn’t have asked for a better game last night. The Heat played against Southeast division rival the Atlanta Hawks. I don’t watch many Hawks games (because I prefer to watch good basketball), but I was excited to see rookie Trae Young aka Stephen Curry Lite. But I totally forgot the way past his prime legend Vince Carter was on the Hawks. God bless Vince Carter, this man has been in the NBA since the dawn of time as far as I am concerned and he’s still putting on a show. He had a few no look passes that dazzled the crowd. Unfortunately, the team around him is so bad that you won't be seeing them on Sportscenter. He did, however, shoot 7/11 from beyond the arc, leading the Hawks in scoring.

The obvious highlight of the game was when Dwyane Wade checked in. I’m over the moon that I finally got to watch my favourite player of all time before he retired. When he entered the game half way through the first quarter, he received a standing ovation from the crowd. Wade is so important to the Miami Heat franchise that no one will remember he left for the Cavs and Bulls. Making things even better, D-Wade had himself a turn back the clock night, leading the team in scoring with 23 points. More importantly, however, with two blocks on the night, Dwyane Wade passed  Michael Jordan for the most blocks by a guard all time. Wade better than MJ? Confirmed.

I also want to point out the Miami Vice Heat jerseys are the greatest in any sport ever. You can’t debate me on this because you are just wrong. I had to treat myself, so I purchased a Justise Winslow jersey because I’m hoping he can grow into the future face of the franchise. Winslow was solid last night: 18 PTS, 5 RBS, 3 AST and 3 STLS.

The Miami Heat ended up taking the game 114-113. It was close the entire game, but the Heat never seemed to be over matched. With 3 minutes left, Miami was leading by 10 points and the spread was 9.5. The Hawks made a bit of a comeback, but were never within a score until 7 seconds left on the clock. I wasn’t worried though. The Hawks won’t win many games in 2019 with Vince Carter as their best player. Overall, great game.

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