FTF Memphis Grizzlies - Start of 2019 Offseason

Welcome back to another edition of Flip This Franchise!

As the 2018-19 season came to a close in the last blog, it is now time to find out what the Grizzlies will do before the 2019 NBA Draft. Before we get started with that, let’s take a look at the depth chart following contract expirations after the end of the 2018-19 season:

Current Depth Chart:

PG: Jevon Carter (73 OVR)

SG: Caris LeVert (81 OVR)


PF: Jaren Jackson Jr. (80 OVR), Ivan Rabb (76 OVR)

C: Montrezl Harrell (83 OVR), Mitchell Robinson (75 OVR), Tony Bradley (73 OVR)

As you can see, having only seven players under contract for the 2019-20 season gives us a good amount of flexibility in terms of what we can do in the draft and free agency. Not only that, but these players are all on exceptionally cheap deals. Harrell is making the most money per year at $6M, but with one year left on his deal. It is important to note that the rest of the players on the roster are all still playing out their rookie contracts, which gives us space to sign two max contracts in free agency if we choose too. With the draft class as loaded as it is in 2019-20, I will be looking to trade one of these players along with the Jazz pick (#16) in exchange for a lottery pick. That being said, I decided to make two moves in order to help the team out on draft night and hopefully for the future.


Trade #1

Grizzlies Trade: Montrezl Harrell, C / ‘19 1st Round (#16)

Heat Trade: ‘19 First Round (#5)

Trade #2

Grizzlies Trade: Tony Bradley, C / ‘22 2nd Round Pick

Nets Trade: ‘19 2nd Round Pick (#31) / ‘21 2nd Round Pick

Quite the shake up going down in Memphis! While we did lose two Centers including our starter (Harrell), he only has one year left on his deal and most likely wouldn’t have been signed long-term at the end of the season. This also goes back to the goal of the series, which is building a franchise for years to come, which will come with time and the development of younger players. In that sense, we landed the 5th overall pick and the 31st overall pick after starting the season with no first round picks at all! Not only do we have the 5th and the 31st pick, but we also have the 59th pick if we choose to use it. These acquisitions now open up a window of opportunity for the Grizzlies since we now have the chance to land one of the best players in the draft at #5 and a solid role player at #31. With the draft upon us, it will be crucial to identify which players can not only provide instant value, but also show potential for years to come.

Stay tuned for the next segment of Flip This Franchise, where the Grizzlies will look to build for the future at the 2019 NBA Draft.

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