Why I’m Poor Again: Jets Unveil New Uniforms

For Jets fans, the long and highly-anticipated wait is over, and it was well worth it.

The other night, the Jets finally revealed the new uniforms that they had been hyping up for over a year. An initiative that was spearheaded by (former?) linebacker Darron Lee, the Jets have been teasing fans relentlessly with promos from Riddell, Jamal Adams, and even JB Smoove. But now the wait has finally ended, and Jets fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the uniforms aren’t a dumpster fire.

In fact, bias aside, I think these new unis are pretty “lit”, as the kids would say. I was so worried that these new designs would be complete ass, much like last year’s Jaguars redesign. “We’re going with a sleek, modern look” Nike said last season, meanwhile they gave Jacksonville practice jerseys and tried to pass them off as the most innovative kits in the league. Comical. With a shot to morale like that, no wonder the Jags fell from the AFC Championship to 5-11 last season.

When the Jets uniforms first leaked a day early (Darron Lee, perhaps?) a lot of Twitter GMs and wanna-be pros were critiquing the hell out of them. “OMG are those the MARSHALL jerseys?” “Did the Jets go to the AAF?” Fun fact: with literally hundreds of teams playing college, professional, and international football, unless your uniform is made of actual blood and tears sewed into every stitch, every jersey is going to share at least one trait with another jersey somewhere out in the world, whether that be color, numbering, stripes, or anything else.  

So regardless of your opinion of these unis, mute the fools on social media. These are the same people who salivate at the mouth waiting to make their voice heard. They live to see 1 of their 7 followers favorite their tweet by saying something so stupid that someone scrolling past it would have to give them a pity favorite. Don’t fall victim to these trolls. Whether you love the jerseys or hate them, at least have an original thought and opinion to call your own. 

But back on the new unis. The Jets went with a full redesign of their uniforms while tweaking their primary logo (which is a slightly cleaner and more modern football shape that highlights the words “New York.”) The emphasis on New York City seems to be a theme of the new designs, as the same “New York” text appears on the front of every jersey style. In addition, the Jets tried to play on the literal theme of fighter jets by adding a specific style of stripes to all jersey and pants while also branding the hashtag #TakeFlight. On the very top, Gang Green has shifted away from the old white helmets in favor of a new chrome green, which may be my favorite part of the new designs. 

New Jets Logo

New Jets Logo

Finally, Nike has worked with the Jets to give them three exclusive colors: Gotham Green, Spotlight White, and Stealth Black. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what the hell the differences between Spotlight White and just plain white are, nor do I with Stealth Black and normal black. But Gotham Green is definitely a noticeably unique one. It is closer to the Kelly Green that the Jets wore in the 80s than it is to the Hunter Green that dominated the 2000s, but it’s not disgusting like those old classics. The Gotham Green is bright without being painful on the eyes, and the white lettering (excuse me, SPOTLIGHT white lettering) gives the jerseys a nice blend of flash and simplicity. To me, these are a win, and that should become more popular when fans are more accustomed to seeing them. Some people simply can’t accept change, and you can’t fight with those people, nor can you please everyone.    

Jets New Unis

Jets New Unis

If I had to rank the jerseys from first to worst, I’d have to go:

1.    “Stealth Black” alternates

2.    “Spotlight White” roads

3.    “Gotham Green” homes

So why am I poor again? Because I’ve already splurged by adding to my jersey collection. The choices were easy: a fire black alternative Le’Veon Bell uni, an ice white Jamal Adams top, and Sam Darnold gets the honor of getting the new green home jersey. 

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