Sensei Says

This week on our workout blog, the sensei reveals his Monday workout.

I couldn’t be happier to introduce a recurring guest on our blog, a reclusive master of the lifting arts, who will take us through his daily routine with full minute by minute commentary. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal our guest’s identity because he is wanted in over a dozen cities in Asia. He trains underground these days, only coming up for light to refill his Blender Bottle. I had to climb down a manhole outside Gold’s Gym just to interview him. So without further ado...

Sensei Says Monday is for Upper Body.

Today, I train upper body with focus on push and pull. I start with upper chest via dumbbell incline press. One set of 10 repetitions for warm up. Two sets of eight repetitions at 70% max. Two sets at 90% max, until failure (try to get three).

Flying sidekick into somersault! Now I do dumbbell row. Squeeze lats. One set warm up: try eight to ten reps at about 70%. Move up to 90%, two sets.

Smokescreen! Sensei now hanging from a bar, doing chin ups. I do this until failure, add weight if necessary. Try for four good sets. Take breaks.

Whaboom! Sensei swings over to bench press and does one minute straight of bench; pick a lightweight (50% max) and try to get as many reps as possible in one minute. Very pain-full!

Find cables and follow as I say. Two sets of cable pull with cable starting close to ground (focus on lower chest, bring arm across body). Then two sets with cable set at shoulder height (focus on mid-chest, bring arm across body).

Tai-chi your way to a yoga mat. Grab medicine ball and do push ups, one hand on ball and one hand on-floor. Do until failure, three sets. In-between, do ab exercises such as Russian Twist. Or maybe supermans. Sensei knew him when just small boy Clark.

Workout Buster! Just when you think ‘I am done,’ Sensei says: ONE MORE EXERCISE! Machine rows. Set to lightweight and do thirty repetitions. No break. Repeat. Wipe area. Bow. You may leave gym now.

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