MLB Hit or Miss May 1st, 2019

One day I will convince Mookie Betts to adopt me.

Detroit Tigers @ Philadelphia Phillies

Starting Pitching: Daniel Norris vs Aaron Nola

O/U: 8.0

The Phillies have emerged as the NL East team that is separating itself from the rest of the pack. Although they aren't the best in any one category, they do everything relatively well. They average 5.0 runs per game, which ranks right above the league average at #12. Meanwhile, the Tigers are below that standard with 4.3 runs per game. Now that April is done and the fans are now starting to boo Bryce Harper, he is becoming more and more dangerous. Everytime this adversity happens, something special clicks in the man's head. I believe Bryce is in for a big game tonight and Nola is going to give the opposing Tigers a rough night.


O/U: Over 8.0

Winners: Phillies -225

Cincinnati Reds @ New York Mets

Starting Pitching: Anthony DeSclafani vs Jacob deGrom

O/U: 6.5

I know Jacob deGrom isn't off to the best start to the season, but I always bet on the Mets when he is on the mound. The past few seasons have been a large enough sample size for us to know that he is an undisputed top 5 pitcher in the league. To make things better, the Mets are coming off a huge high with a walk-off win off the bat of Pete Alonso. It may have been a not-so-sexy Sac Fly, but a win is a win. Things seem to be falling more into place for New York and they are pushing to start rattling off wins. On the flip side, the opposing Reds get the least amount of hits per game with a measly 6.8. Simple fact: if you don't get guys on base, you aren't going to score runs. That’s especially true against a Cy Young winner like deGrom. Mets win by multiple runs tonight.


O/U: Over 6.5

Winners: Mets -196

Toronto Blue Jays @ Los Angeles Angels

Starting Pitching: Marcus Stroman vs Felix Pena

O/U: 8.5

Marcus Stroman is suffering from the same “disease” that Jacob deGrom caught last season, as he gives up no runs practically every start but still gets more losses than wins. Stroman has been incredible this season with a 1.49 ERA but only has a 1-3 record to show for it. But the Jays are starting to get hot, going 7-3 in their last 10 games. Toronto is also 3-1 ever since the arrival of top prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He brings a feeling to this team that they haven't had in years. He ignites a flame in his teammates and makes them want to give that extra effort. Even with that aside, this game is purely coming down to who has the better pitcher on the mound. Stroman has been one of the best pitchers over the past few years and when I see his name, money will almost always be wagered. Final Answer: Blue Jays beat the Angels tonight in Anaheim.


O/U: Under 8.5

Winners: Blue Jays -107

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