A Mother's Day Workout

Grab a can of hair spray and some yoga mats— it’s times for a Mother’s Day gym session.

As you know, last Sunday was Mother’s Day. Just because the day is devoted to mom, doesn’t mean you can’t get a sweat in. If anything, it means you should include mother in the fun. Put your laptop on a chair in the living room and give this one a try.

Here’s a rough transcript below.

Perky head rolls 1:10

“Stretch it out” 2:20

This is not acceptable in public 2:40

Neither is this 4:00

Hey, there’s a guy in a headband 4:30

Calves 6:00

Shoulder rolls 7:30

Ummm… 8:55

Hunchback snow angels 10:15

Hey honey, look at this 11:50

I pulled my groin just looking at this 12:45

Crunches 15:40

Bicycles 17:20

Iconic leg raises 20:05

Glute raises 27:35

I didn’t know you could physically do this 30:45

Jane Fonda wishes you well 33:56

Football was meant to be played in leather helmets and sweaters. Currently taking suggestions for which NHL team I should support.

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