MLB Fantasy Favorites - May 20, 2019

I promise to have some in-depth analysis once I get some shit together. But until then, we can still win with some flash picks!

Last Lineup’s Best Picks:

Frankie Montas, Oakland Athletics (36.5 Fantasy Points vs 17.3 FPPG)

Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers (23 Fantasy Points vs 12.9 FPPG)

Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers (17 Fantasy Points vs 11.3 FPPG)

Wilson Ramos, New York Mets (12 Fantasy Points vs 5.5 FPPG)

Willie Calhoun, Texas Rangers (10 Fantasy Points)

Tonight’s Starting Lineup:

P – Patrick Corbin, Washington Nationals (DK Salary $10,900, 23.4 FPPG)

P – Andrew Cashner, Baltimore Orioles (DK Salary $5,600, 13.6 FPPG) 

C – James McCann, Chicago White Sox (DK Salary $3,800, 8.3 FPPG)

1B – Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants (DK Salary $3,800, 7.0 FPPG)

2B – Cesar Hernandez, Philadelphia Phillies (DK Salary $3,800, 7.6 FPPG)

3B – Miguel Sano, Minnesota Twins (DK Salary $3,700, 9.0 FPPG)

SS – Dansby Swanson, Atlanta Braves (DK Salary $4,000, 7.6 FPPG)

OF – Juan Soto, Washington Nationals (DK Salary $4,200, 8.6 FPPG)

OF – Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta Braves (DK Salary $4,600, 8.9 FPPG)

OF – Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels (DK Salary $5,600, 10.7 FPPG)

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