Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Here’s a neat workout to do with a few friends on the rowing machine

So the gist of “Food Chain 500s” is you and a few friends row 500 meters as fast as you can. It’s about 2 minutes of effort. The fastest time gets to sit at one end; they’re at the “top of the food chain,” so to speak. The next fastest sits down and so on in descending order with the slowest at the opposite end. Race again for another 500 meters. And then reorder the seats from fastest to slowest. The object is for the slowest person to move up the food chain and for the fastest to avoid being unseated.

This is a great workout to do in groups and it’s rather economical with time--after three or four 500s, you’ll be gassed. Another great feature is the adaptability of the concept. If you don’t like rowing or you don’t have access to the machines, you can do sprints on a track instead (200 or 400 meters for instance), or a mile on the bike. Hell, you could probably do this with weights too-- kettlebell swings or lunges. A real psycho might try burpees.

Hope this one is to your liking everybody. That’s all from me today.

P.S. If you need to review your rowing technique, check this great explainer in under five minutes.

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