FTF Memphis Grizzlies - 2019 Moratorium Period

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With the 2019 NBA Draft coming to a close, the Grizzlies still have plenty of work to do in the offseason to make this team a contender, but now is the perfect time with free agency right around the corner. With a free agent class that includes the likes of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, D’Angelo Russell and others, Memphis will be looking to shell out two max spots with the cap space that they currently have available. Before we get started however, let’s take a look at the moves the Grizzlies made on draft night, along with how it will affect the look of the current depth chart.

Draft Night Moves

Pick #5: Cam Reddish, SF, Duke

Pick #31: P.J. Washington, PF, Kentucky

Acquired via trade: Pacers ‘20 1st Round Pick (Lottery Protected)

Current Depth Chart


SG: Caris LeVert (81 OVR, age 24)

SF: Cam Reddish (78 OVR, age 19)

PF: Jaren Jackson Jr. (81 OVR, age 19), Ivan Rabb (76 OVR, age 22), P.J. Washington (72 OVR, age 20)

C: Mitchell Robinson (77 OVR, age 21)

With only 6 players on the active roster, the Grizzlies will be looking to bring in at least 7 more players during free agency. As you can tell, the team is still very raw with all 6 players being 24 years of age or younger. In that sense, the key here is to keep the team young to eventually have them grow together into a dynasty. 

In terms of free agency, with the two max contract slots available, I hope to use those on two players who can not only provide immediate value but can also help grow the younger players on the team, and we will do that with the new ability to choose player mentors in NBA 2K19. The player mentorship program in 2K is a great way to build out a younger player overall by complimenting him with traits of a player with high value. 

Before free agency begins, NBA teams have the opportunity to verbally sign a player through the league’s moratorium period, which lasts a total of three days. In these three days, typically the best players in the league who are available get offers, which limits the quality of players available once free agency officially begins. In this moratorium period, I really want to make a splash as GM in a way that will help benefit the team both now and for years to come. Since the Grizzlies have plenty of cap room to work with, I decided to make two major signings that significantly shake-up the current state of the team. These two faces will not only be important to the team winning games but will be an integral part to the team’s face of the franchise moving forward. Without further ado, time to announce the agreements. 

Verbal Agreements

Jimmy Butler, SF (89 OVR, age 29): 4 YEARS/$134.2M

Demarcus Cousins, C (89 OVR, age 28): 4 YEARS/$134.2M

Just like that! The Grizzlies use their two max-slots by adding two veteran All-Stars to help the development of the team moving forward. Not only can both of these players start producing immediately and be dominant focal points of the team, but they also are in the perfect position to mentor the players behind them. With Butler, he will fill be able to mentor our 5th overall pick in Reddish, while Cousins will be able to provide the same value to Mitchell Robinson. Overall, these signings will be important to the team’s success moving forward and help move them from a team that is rebuilding to a team that is contending. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of Flip This Franchise when the Grizzlies officially enter free agency. How do you think we did in the moratorium period? Got any ideas of who should be signed next? Tweet me your opinions @christhorkilsen.

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