KD and the Injury

Injuries are a part of an athletic life, and many don’t go away.

I think the nation collectively reached for its leg, after seeing Kevin Durant go down last night in what the Warriors medical staff believes is an achilles tear— this is all pending an MRI today. if Durant did tear his achilles, as per ESPN Stats and Info, the average recovery time is around nine months.

The really surprising thing about Durant’s injury is that on video, it looks relatively benign. He plants the right foot down as he tries to back into Serge Ibaka and comes up limping. Play continued and Steve Kerr waited to see if Durant would get up before calling a timeout. It all goes to show how much goes on in the body below the surface.

I decided to devote this Weekly Workout to talking a bit about injuries and what it’s like to come back from them. Personally, I’ve been lucky to avoid any broken bones or crutches. I’ve sprained my ankle a few times, had a pulled groin, and a minor lower back injury (wasn’t checked out!). Really, the worst injury to ever happen to me was probably spraining both ankles playing in the first game of a disastrous adult soccer tournament a few years ago. It hurt like hell for about a week, but I was back to normal afterward. (Lesson learned, don’t stick your foot out as someone is rocketing a shot).

Chances are you might have faced worse. Maybe you broke a bone during homecoming or dislocated a shoulder during prom (dancing is a contact sport). Rehab isn’t fun, but it’s best to come back slow and air on the side of caution. Seriously, if the Durant incident has any meaning, it’s probably this: minor injuries can turn into major ones, especially if you rush your recovery.

So here at Weekly Workouts, we wish Kevin Durant and all those facing setbacks, big or small, a speedy recovery.

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