WWE Recap: Raw and SmackDown Pops and Botches 6/24 - 6/25

Another week, another head scratching lineup of WWE programming.

Almost every week for the past 2 months I turned off Raw and Smackdown. Aside from Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House, the whole show has been borderline unwatchable. That is the reason it has been so long since my last Pops or Botch, but I am back and it really isn’t much better. Lets dive right into it and I’ll let you know what was good and horrific this week. 


The Undertaker Returns

I know most people by now are tired of seeing the Undertaker, but he will never get old to me. He has been my favorite wrestler since I started watching when I was 8. Sure he can barely move and it physically hurts to watch him wrestle, but again I just don’t care. This segment started with Roman Reigns(BORING) being attacked by Shane McMahon (KILL ME) and Drew McIntyre(You’re cool). The two of them were beating down Roman for what felt like 45 minutes when suddenly the lights went out and that loud dong hit. It is nearly impossible not to get a little excited when the lights go out and Undertaker is standing in the middle of the ring. After he showed up he laid out both Shane and Drew coming to Romans aid. Now is this a bad storyline going forward, yes. It was however a nice moment and lets me see the greatest to ever do it yet again. 



This is not something that happened, but instead something that didn’t. For the past 2 months Raw has been airing the Firefly Fun House segments and it has been the best part every week. Last week was the final episode and we are fresh off a pay per view. The perfect time to bring back a returning act and start a storyline.


For some reason Bray Wyatt didn’t make his return to live television this week and it is the dumbest thing they could have done. He is the most talked about segment every week and you just don’t use him. My guess is they don’t do it this week to make people forget and it is a bigger surprise next week. That is just a bad idea to me, you don’t want your audience to forget. Making him not show up for one more week will not make him get a bigger reaction and in fact next week's rating will probably take a hit, like they have for years now.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley (TUG OF WAR)

Yeah you read that shit right, they played tug of war. That stupid game you would play at camp you picked the fat kids for. This is so stupid and it is actually insulting as a fan. I tune in week after week to see in ring wrestling and promos. Not to watch two big men pull a rope to show how strong they are. They should be picking each other up and throwing them across the ring.

We see reports every week how they are worried about the dropping rating and this is the shit they come up with? Unreal that people get paid to write for this company. I can fart out a better show after a bang bang at Taco Bell and Arbys. 

If you noticed there is nothing from Smackdown on here because it has just become a Raw recap show. Yeah, the 3 hour a week show needs to do the same stuff the next night on the same network. Overall bad week for Raw and Smackdown and I pray it gets better when they move to Fox in the fall.

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