A Little Fat Never Hurt Nobody

Spit your wheatgrass shots out and slap a Ketone out of a friend’s hand, because fat is back.

Over the weekend, the unknown Mexican heavyweight fighter Andy Ruiz Jr. knocked out the champ, Anthony Joshua. The result surprised just about everyone who saw the pudgy 268 pound Ruiz step into the ring. See for yourself:

What a fight! I’ve never seen that much muscle succumb to something so fluffy. Then again, if you really think about it, Ruiz’s one big advantage was his weight. He weighed in a tick over 20 pounds heavier, but was able to keep pace with the lighter, trimmer Joshua.

So in honor of our friend from below the border, I’ve decided to dedicate this workout blog to Ruiz. Watch and learn how the big man moves in this side by side comparison of the fighters.

I love it. Ruiz is the people’s champion. His mediocre looking body does incredible things.

Football was meant to be played in leather helmets and sweaters. Currently taking suggestions for which NHL team I should support.

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