FTF Memphis Grizzlies - 2021 NBA Draft

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Ahh the 2021 NBA Off-Season is finally here. With that, it gives the Grizzlies yet another chance to reevaluate team needs and assess what needs to be changed for the upcoming season. Seeing that the Grizzlies got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in a series that saw them only taking one game against the Houston Rockets, there are many question marks as to what went wrong along with what should be done to help the team moving forward.

In terms of team needs, the biggest question mark for the offseason will be at the PG position with Monte Morris, Elfrid Payton, and Raul Neto all on expiring contracts, leaving no PG’s on the roster heading into the offseason. In terms of other positions of need, the rest of the lineup is pretty solidified with Brogdon/Bridges at SG, Butler/Reddish at SF, Jackson Jr. at PF, and Cousins/Robinson at C.

In that sense, the Grizzlies will be aiming to take the best players available at any position to help fill the all-around depth. However, the Grizzlies currently have the 20th overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft and the PG position is one that they will be heavily eyeing with that pick. Below I have included who the Grizzlies decided to take at pick #20. 

Pippen Jr.png

In response to the comment made from Zach Harper, the Grizzlies were able to get a high-value pick in Scotty Pippen Jr., son of the NBA Hall of Famer. While Pippen Jr. is only a 70 OVR, he makes up for it by having A- potential, a rating that is highly regarded in NBA 2K. At 6’1 and 180 pounds, Pippen Jr. is a little undersized for the PG position and will have to make up for it with his quickness and ability to drive to the basket.

Overall, I am pleased with the Pippen Jr. selection because it gives the Grizzlies much needed potential at the PG position moving forward. With Reddish’s potential at SF and Jackson Jr.’s potential at the PF position, we hope that these three guys will be able to grow and develop this Grizzlies team moving forward. Maybe he can have a similar if not stronger impact as his pops did. 

As the draft comes to a close, the Grizzlies now at least have one PG on the active roster heading in to the 2021 NBA Offseason. However, there is still much more work that is needed to be done, which could also mean a result in changes to the coaching staff. Could a new head coach be the next necessary step to making the Grizzlies a title contender?

Stay tuned for the next Flip This Franchise where the Grizzlies will head in to the 2021 NBA Free Agency period. What are your predictions for the Grizzlies free agent signings this time around? Tweet me your opinions @christhorkilsen

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