FTF Memphis Grizzlies - 2021 Offseason Part 2

Welcome back to another edition of Flip This Franchise!

While the Jonah Bolden trade from last blog helped improve the frontcourt of the team, I decided to experiment with some other moves as well. With the emergence of Cam Reddish from last season, I wanted to figure out a way to help give him more minutes, while also benefiting the rest of the team in other ways.

Even though Reddish played a back-up role to Jimmy Butler during the 2020 season, he still managed to outshine Butler in the playoffs, including a game where he set a team record for 3PT in a playoff game with 8. With Butler heading in to his mid-30’s, his overall also dipped from an 88 to an 86 following the 2020 season. Not to mention, Butler has turned in to a bit of a journey-man in his career as a result of his character issues, something that isn’t healthy for the development of a young team with great potential. As a result of these above reasons, I decided to make the following deal that will shake the team for years to come. 


Grizzlies trade: Jimmy Butler, SF / Mikal Bridges, SG / Elfrid Payton, PG / Frank Mason, PG / ’24 1st Round / ’26 1st Round

Kings trade: De’Aaron Fox, PG / Buddy Hield, SG / Bogdan Bogdanovic, SF / DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell, SG / ’22 1st Round (Suns) (Top 10 Protected)

On paper, this trade seemed like a lot to give up for the Grizzlies. However, there are many reasons as to why I believe this move will help the team for this season and the foreseeable future.

The big reason starts with Jimmy Butler and the trade value that he was able to have even with his declining overall. In terms of Bridges, he has one year left on his deal, and Hield provides more of an impact on the offensive end at an 84 OVR with A MID and A+ 3PT. Bogdan Bogdanovic at 29 years of age and an 80 OVR immediately becomes a quality back-up to Cam Reddish with his B INS, B MID, and B+ 3PT.

Along with Bogdanovic and Hield, the Grizzlies bring in an extremely talented player in De’Aaron Fox, who is under contract for the next four years at an 85 OVR with A INS, A PLMK, and A PHYS. The Grizzlies needed an elite PG, and Fox at just 23 years of age with A POT gives them that for years to come. This also gives the Grizzlies a great young core of De’Aaron Fox, Cam Reddish, and Jaren Jackson Jr. with players like Cousins, Hield, Brogdon, Bogdanovic, and others providing great help all-around.

The first-round picks were tough to lose, but at the same time can be easily acquired depending on what’s needed, along with the fact that the Grizzlies have enough young players to build around for now.

I also ended up waiving SG Devaughn Akoon-Purcell (72 OVR) in exchange for PG Tyler Johnson (75) as a result of the 3 total PG’s lost via trade. Below I have included the updated team depth chart with player overalls for the start of the 2021 NBA Season.

Current Depth Chart

PG: De’Aaron Fox (85), Monte Morris (80), Tyler Johnson (75), Scottie Pippen Jr. (69) *GLEAGUE

SG: Buddy Hield (84), Malcolm Brogdon (85), Georgios Kalaitzakis (74)

SF: Cam Reddish (85), Bogdan Bogdanovic (80)

PF: Jaren Jackson Jr. (89), Alec Peters (78), Jonah Bolden (77)

C: Demarcus Cousins (88), Mitchell Robinson (79), Willie Reed (75)

Overall, the Grizzlies roster for the 2021 NBA Season is more balanced than it has ever been with more potential than ever. Stay tuned for the next Flip This Franchise where we will see how the Grizzlies will fare just right before the trade deadline and see how the team is gelling with the new acquisitions. Have any opinions on the latest trade? Tweet the GM @christhorkilsen

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